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Thread: Any Great Dane Owners?

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    Default Any Great Dane Owners?

    Hi everyone

    Just curious to know if anyone here owns a Great Dane.

    I cannot get a dog for a good year or so, but I'm researching different breeds to make the right choice.

    I'm currently researching Great Danes.
    I find reading a lot of articles, websites etc very helpful but I also enjoy reading/hearing stories/facts from people who own them!

    A few questions
    1) Does your dog eat 850grams of dry food a day? That is what I read is the required amount for a giant sized dog. Or a bit less than that, but 850 was the max.

    2) Do you take your dane to training? This will be something I will DEFF be doing because I think it's important and also it will be good to meet other people with dogs.

    3) What is the best memory you have of your Great Dane? What is his/her name? Would you recommend this breed to other people? If yes, why?

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    I personally don't but my parents do and I lived with Danes for 18 years

    850 grams of food a day... try more like several kilograms! My parents current dane is a guts, he can eat and eat and eat and doesn't put on weight. He gets 500 grams VIP dog roll, 1kg chicken neck and 1kg mince daily with dry food 'hidden' in the mince as well.

    When feeding dogs it really depends on the individual dog. They have had Danes before where just a sniff of food would make them fat, and others where they could eat all day and not gain a pound.
    As puppies they do require a special diet, they need low protein to slow down their growth... to fast a growth in a big dog can lead to joint and bone problems.

    Obedience for a Great Dane is a very good idea. Just their size alone makes things difficult if they aren't trained at all.
    My parents haven't done obedience with any of theirs but did a lot of self training at home.

    Best memory... When I was about 10 years old I used to sleep with 2 Danes on my bed with me! They really are gentle giants and a beautiful breed.

    Have you looked at Dogzonline for breeders? I'm sure many of them wouldn't mind you calling and getting some first-hand knowledge about the breed, even if they have no pups available right now.
    I personally recommend Kochak, but I'm biased
    Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dogs of Australia

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    I can't add to C_L's advice.
    Unfortunately we don't have any members with a Dane. You are our potential first
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