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Thread: Progress after Lex's Surgery

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    Poor Lexy boy! Give him a hug from me too

    I was going to get a ute next year but now I'm thinking station wagon...

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    utes can still be safe if you can manufacture a sturdy cage, or there are plenty of places that do cages made to fit...

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    just a couple of happy snaps from yesterday..
    His second vet check tonight with another bandage change..
    hopfully they will let me have a look at were the toe has been amputed.

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    Late to this thread, I am so glad he is progressing well. Our dogs all ride in the back of the ute. Chains are short though and in the middle, our ute has the sides though.

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    my set up was the same i have have a tub ute not a flat tray and the chain was short and in the middle of the head board, id say what happend was..

    When i hit the speed hump lex has freaked out and gone to jump off so hard and fast that he's whiped him self around backwards and off the side..

    Could happend to anyone, and i caution anyone travling with dogs on chains on the back of utes.. ill deffinetly be going witht he cage idea from now on..

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    He surely is a beautiful boy and such expressive eyes. I hope that the vet check goes well.

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    Aww the poor boofa all the best, and I hope he heals well.
    If you find yourself going through hell; Don't stay. Just keep on going.

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    vet visit tonight hopfully its some good news with the toe adjacent to his aputated toe, past two times weve been for check ups its still been red and inflammed, last vist he was put on cephelexcim (sp) or Keflex for short, its just abroad spectrum antibiotic to fight infection plus many other things (it was actually what i was given for the bite lex gave me, exept lex's tablets were HUGE)... so yeah, hopfuly we can get the bandage off not this vist but next, fingers crossed the antibiotics did their job and healed his wounded toe..

    Fingers and toes crossed for the puppy

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    aww poor big sooky bubba...

    Hope he makes a speedy recovery

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    cheers thanks

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