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Thread: Cost of Rescue Animals

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetboy View Post
    we have got 2 rescues this year. Both purebreeds (well look 100% of their breed).
    So far we have spent well in excess of $1500, fees for dogs and vet bills (not including bedding/leash/kong/harness/car seat belts etc etc).

    At risk of causing a dispute- I am quite surprised at some of the rescue people (obviously not all- I am sure most are doing wonderful and tireless wk). I enquired about 25 dogs in all- some were picked up from deathrow pound, advertised on internet, and would go to anyone who would take them. People would tell you anything to persuade you to take the dog (ie they dont bark much and then you go and see the dog and its barking non stop), or "its great with children" , or "well behaved on leash". When veiwing the poor dog its obvious that there are many issues.
    I will add that I was very impressed with other rescuers. I have really learnt a lot through the process- I must have been naive when I started....
    See now, I find this madness!!!! Why would you paint the wrong pic of a dog?? It is only going to be returned!! And I don't understand why you have had such high vet bills either. Your dogs should have had all their vet work done while still in care Makes no sense to me at all. Of the 100 or so dogs we rehomed last year, I would hazzard to guess we had 1500-2000 applications. Sometimes you get heaps of applicants but no one suitable!!

    In my opinion, by the time a dog gets to us they have more than likely been through hell, the next step MUST be for life for the sake of the dog......which is why we are in rescue....isn't it???
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    Cassie was not from a rescue ord, but I was her finder on the street and when she wasn't claimed I adopted her. 7 mth old Adoption $250 inc desex microchip flea treat and C3. then another $60 for C5 and another $25 for meds (canine cough). $250 for blood tests when went off her food and starting vomiting 2 mths after came home. $2500 for xrays and ultrsounds on her heart, to determine heart murmer. over $2000 for training and behaviourist (and thats ongoing)...
    Not saying I wouldn't do it again I'm all for rescues. I foster for Shar and would adopt from her if i needed a new dog...
    But it can rack up the costs and it takes time and lots of patience.
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    Banjo cost $300 from the local RSPCA... that included most of his shots and desexing. He just needed to get stitches out and have one last shot.. they said you could take him to your own vet or bring him back and they would take the stitches out for free and $40 for the last shot. On top of that he got a rash near the stitches and they got us to bring him back, checked him and out gave him meds for free.
    We took him to our own vert for his last shot and to get the stitches out.
    Was very hapyp with their service and the price.
    I know the bigger dogs go for less $250.00 a think as they are less popular then the smaller ones.
    In regards to not barking, they had advirtised Banjo as quiet and doesnt bark much but while we were there he went nuts and never stopped barking. We figured it was because all the other dogs were barking like mad. Brought him home and now he barely makes a peep. Always is whining and growling though ahaha we call him mini staffy with all the talking he does.

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    Floyd cost me $250- from SR, discount price because he's C5 vaccs were due the month we adopted him. He was de-sexed, gut wormed, heart wormed, flea treatments etc etc (not that he had any fleas anyway)

    Floyd hasn't cost me much in vet fee's at all other than yearly C5, yearly heart worm, 3 month gut all wormers & Sasha's blend. He's been quite healthy etc, except for 2 minor toe nail injuries etc & back leg mild arthritis & very early stage cataracts.

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    Here you go DA.
    RSPCA's national stats 2008-2009.
    It says only 22,000 pups were PTS over the course of 2008, which I find a little strange. I guess it doesn't include private and independant shelters, cause I know about 200,000 are PTS each year.
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    Myf that is only RSPCA, not including Govt pounds.

    I don't think there is any central collection of data from all cources on PTS. If there was it should capture some stats from private vet clinics as well.

    Estimates are probably all there is for grand totals. I know that it has been estimated just in Greyhounds that over 7000 were PTS in 2008 just in NSW... scary thought. That would be through pounds and vet clinics, or out the back of a property with a rifle...

    But in saying that there has always been overbreeding of animals. We do have better and better recording systems which will alwys capture a greater amount of data and make it look like numbers are rising.

    Compulory desexing is only ever as good as an enforcement system. Most States are struggling to ensure compliance with registration, let alone desexing. Stricter regulation just make life harder for people who do the right thing - and they're not the source of the problems in the first place. The problem generators don't comply, and the situation stays the same.

    ACT for example: all cats over 12 weeks old MUST be desexed by law. Yet people can give away 8 week old kittens legally, and the RSPCA (which handles all cats in the ACT) is swamped each year by hundreds and hundreds of kittens. There is no enforcement of the desexing law, and the shelter still pick up the pieces.

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