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Thread: Sumo, Ruby and Eddie

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    Default Sumo, Ruby and Eddie

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    good on you for trying

    with the cat thing, Atlas loves my older two cats, but wanted to kill Sumo, Sumo even has a chunk missing from his ear thanks to Atlas

    It took months for them to be able to be in the same room as each other, It didnt help that every time Sumo saw Atlas he would hiss and run, making it more fun for Atlas!

    I would never, ever trust them on their own, but can now have them both inside under supervision, they even lay on the bed together (one at each end tho!) for a sleep during the day - fingers crossed your guys sort it out!
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    Sadly Sumo isnt very smart and didnt learn that one.. he now knows not to run, walking is fine... running means you will get chased

    I have to laugh, the other 2 cats will run up to Kaos, pounce on her and take off and try to get Kaos to run after them, if she doesnt do it... they come back and have another go! Lucky she adores them and the worst she has done is sat on them!
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    Is it possible that Sumo just loves food? I know my partner's dogs (both staffies) didn't have a routine in which one would always be closer to the food. One day the younger of the two may be closer, and the next day the older one. Both are females, and both give it to each other daily (fighting). Nothing too serious though. I think the only blood I've ever seen on them was when Sooty (the younger) scratched her paws on the steps of the pool.

    It's good that they're starting to get used to each other. Feel sorry for your cat lol

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    Im so so happy it sounds like you are on the road to success Dorte. Im very proud of your persistence
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