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Thread: Charities Getting "greedy"?

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    Default Charities Getting "greedy"?

    This is probably going to sound more harsh than intended but here goes...

    I went to register for the Million Paws Walk today and found out that it was going to cost us $30 to take our dogs

    What happened to the days of 'leave a donation' or 'gold coin entry'?

    I understand it takes time and money to set it all up and they are having a bbq and pet parade etc but how about charging extra for people who want sausages, or a fee to enter the pet parade? That way the "money challenged" people like myself can still donate a small amount and their dogs get to have a day of socializing, I mean, it doesn't exactly cost much to put up a sign saying "walk this way". And then the people who are interested in the parade and food can buy them separately.

    I know this is pointless writing this here but I was just very disappointed when I saw the entry fees, we have been looking forward to it for weeks and now we won't get to go

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    Is registration on the day any cheaper?

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    Not sure... it only says registration between 10am and 11am

    I know it sounds stingy but at the moment only one of us is working so we literally don't have $30 to spare. I thought it would just cost about $10 same as last time.
    I really don't want to take just one dog, they would all enjoy it so much.... ARGH! decisions!

    AUD 10.00
    Children (Under 16)
    AUD 6.00
    Concession (valid seniors card)
    AUD 7.00
    Family (2 Adults, 2 Children)
    AUD 25.00
    Discounted Team Registration (10 ADULT members only)
    AUD 85.00

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    I know every dollar counts sometimes!

    Last year it only cost for the people going didn't it? Not per dog? Is it the same this year, pay per person, or is it pay per dog?

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    Yes, it's per person but with my mob I wouldn't have a hope of being able to control all 3 of them at once
    I asked a friend to walk one of the poodles for me... before I found out the cost.

    I will leave Cyrus at home and just try and get $20 for the poodles.

    Do you think they would notice if I just paid for one and happened to slip my other half in there with another dog... or would that be wrong

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    I don't think it's wrong. Most of the idea is to be there in support of the RSPCA, and enjoy the day with your dogs.

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    I will think about that... I really want to go and I want to donate some money to them, it's just they want more than I have

    Reminds me of a guy that knocked on our door a few weeks ago. He was getting donations for a charity involved in building wells in (forgot country sorry) Africa.
    I was more than happy to hand him over $5 when he mentioned it but no... he couldn't accept that. They needed my bank details and $5 a month for 12 months.

    I like the Guide Dogs... those ladies still sit in the mall with their little table taking every coin they can get... no contracts, no bank details, just looking for any cash people can spare.

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    I sound so stingy

    I'm not I promise... I should hopefully have a job at the beginning of next year, I finish at TAFE in December!

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    I dontthink you sound stingy at all, actually I can completly understand, and I will probably sound really bad here but anyways but they are all in it for the money.
    When our dog died earlier this year, we went to the rspca (and looked at some rescue groups) to look for a new puppy/young dog. I was discgusted with the price they put on some dogs is just crazy!! I understand iot costs alot to feed and vet dogs BUT thy do receive a lot if donations, and like you just mentioned the Million paws walk. I couldnt beleive that the RSPCA wanted to charge $300 for dogs that were 9 years or older!! Honestly I cant justify paying that for a pet that realistically could die tomorrow. If it is a young dog or pup fair enough, but seriously would say $100 or so be more reasonable?? They would probably get them out quicker too. We ended up buying Pheonix from a BYB for $350. Sorry if the thread is hijacked

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    I dont think you sound stingy either
    Sometimes every last dollar is accounted for and spent before we even get to hold it.

    Dont start me though on charities being run as sheer profit makers........
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