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Thread: Charities Getting "greedy"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Whether it's right or wrong many places have systems of early registration discounts.
    But shouldn't there be some sort of warning or note that the price will be raised in the future? I thought maybe I misread the pricing previously or missed some early bird discount footnote, but today on a document (perhaps a brochure, I can't remember with all the different brochures and other handouts from the event) it clearly stated that registration for the Million Paws Walk here was meant to be $15 for an adult and would be $20 on the day. But Friday was not the day of the walk and I fully expected to be able to rely on their documentation, which said the price is be $15 except for on the actual date of the event.

    Either way, Keeda and I had a great day today. The pricing thing just left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth, especially after I saw the leaflet stating that the registration fee was meant to be $15 at the time I registered and paid $20. But other than that it was a good outing
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    Sorry Liza, I can't speak for WA but in the ACT there was a slight increase in registration cost close to the day, up the on-the-day cost. It was on the registration site but obviously that's gone down now.

    I couldn't afford it either this year, but wouldn't criticise them for it. It is harder to process registrations closer to the day, when things are busier and busier with every hour that passes closer to a big event like this. Fundraising gives them the money to do what they do, with an increasing demand each year for services and more animals to provide for.

    Fundraising isn't just cap-in-hand, it's targetted and marketed to ensure maximum results - it has an end to achieve. They will pick the target prices that most people will pay, and that will always mean that it seems too much for some and not enough to others, it just depends on personal situation.

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