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    We are the owners of a Siberian Husky X ( 30kg M 4.5yo ) and a Pure Malamute ( 34kg F 5yo ) We have had the Sib Since it was 9 months old and is Trained as well as a Sib can be.

    about 4 weeks ago we took the Malamute from its owner as it was not being looked after properly , the dog is/was over weight, has problems walking and has little training. has gotten better thou with walks and a proper diet!

    The Mal has a very friendly nature, as does the Sib. they have had 3 spats since we had them, the first of which was over food, my wife was preparing some chicken necks for them, one fell to the ground between them and they attacked each other. this was an error on our end, we were use to having our Sib next to us while we done this and if a treat fell on the floor we could stop him going for it. we have since learned to keep the dogs away while we do this ( thanks Mr Milan! ) This encounter had no damage done to either dog, more barking and growing ( very scary )

    The 2nd time ( both dogs are De-sexed ) was when the Sib was trying to hump the Mal ( this had been happening b4 in previous days ) They starting fighting and both got minor war wounds. The Sib had been trying a lot to hump the mal, but it only ever got aggressive in front of us. this one was more Aggressive i was lucky to pull them apart while my wife ran for the hose. again, Minor damage.

    However the 3rd time happened yesterday afternoon. They were both out back, it was raining. i was in the bedroom fixing something and i heard them fighting. i ran as quick as i could outside. to find them fighting. seeing them attacking each there was no time to get water from anywhere so i ran in to break them up.

    The Sib was the aggressor, i pulled him off and he just kept going for her. but she just laid there, after the first time i took him off ,thinking that bringing them apart and stopping eye contact would deescalate the situation did not work he attacked again.

    i know in that instance the dog could of attacked me, II lost my grip as he was growling and thrashing about and attacked again. finally the Mal ran inside with the Sib in my arms growling until she was in.

    took the Mal to the vet and she will be patched up.

    so that's whats happening. i am off work for the week and can try and do some intense training with them but its to little in a short space of time.

    We don't want either dog to get hurt any more, but i don't want to give either dog away. I know the way we are going this is going to happen again. what can i do to stop them? what pro-active measures can i put in place now to stop it?

    i thought we were on the right track? we train them both at the same time on walks, we walk them twice a day for 30 mins each time, and longer on weekends they have their places in the house and outside.

    don't know what to do when i go back to work.


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    Firstly without SEEing the dogs behaviour between them any advice is a "stab in the dark", but you may be aware that mounting in most cases is about dominance not sexual libido.

    So the Sib is trying to dominate the Mal. The Mal is objecting and a fight follows because neither is prepared to back down/submit.

    Dog to dog aggression over food, especially "wet" food is not uncommon. Is there a possibility that there is old bones out in the yard??

    Will they react over objects, balls, stick, dog toys?

    Sibs and Mals require HUGE amounts of exercise, I have two Sibs next door and they will attack stock (though are dog friendly) if they get bored and escape. They are now doing carting and I'm training them not to push past their owners to get out the doors (they actually knocked their owner over and he hit his head).

    Both these breeds require a firm handler/owner so establishing yourself as head of the household is important. Joining your local obedience club is a good start to introducing more formal training .

    And lastly sometimes once they sort themselves out things settle down and at other times it only gets worse.

    Join the Sib & Mal Clubs to find out more about your breed, good breed clubs can be a wealth of information specifically about your breed.

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    30mins a day is no where near enough exercise for these breeds, an hour each, running would be much better, perhaps adding in some dog backpacks with weights will really help to get that energy level down.

    also before all this is sorted out they should NEVER be left alone together. they can be allowed supervised times together to interact as long as someone is with them at all times

    i agree that this is a dominance issue because humping is a way to establish dominance.

    i think that you should call in a behaviorist or go to a training center which has behaviorists on sight, this is NOT a training problem.
    "In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." - Edward Hoagland

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