Hello everybody,
my name is Francesca and I’m an italian veterinary student. As a personal interest, I’m attending a course to become a pet trainer. To pass the current level, I have to present a paper about the behavioural tracts of two breeds of my own choice, so I picked Labrador Retrievers and Leonberger, due to my love of both breeds.
If anybody wants to give me a hand, I’ll ask him to fill in a questionnaire about the behaviour and lifestyle of his dog/dogs.
If so, just send me an email so I can send you back the questions!

p.s I’m not very well informed about foreign privacy laws, but according to the Italian one, I can send you all my contact information and I can guarantee that the information you give me won’t be published, but just used to compile the report, and only examined by my teachers and course mates.
I don’t need your real name, just your initials or an alias and an email contact, so my teachers could in case verify that I used true data.

Thank you in advance!