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    I live in Sydney and have 3 dogs. I have an old female cockerspaniel (14 1/2), a 1 1/2 english staffie female and a rescued Ridgeback cross who just turned 1. We got him when he was 5 months old and he has certain issues. He is very protective of us and doesn't generally like older dogs - particularly females. He is very loving and playful, but doesn't always come and has had a few encounters with fluffy dogs in the off leash park.

    I am keen to get him and the staffie into a good obedience training program - happy to send them off for a week or more for speicalised training to prevent any agression and teach them to folow commands at home.

    Can anyone recommend a place?


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    Phone book, google? Sydney is a big place.

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    This is my opinion - if you send your dogs off to training, you need to go and do the training too. Otherwise, when the dogs get home, you're just going to undo what they learned.

    For recall, this helps - if you follow the instructions.
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