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Thread: Breeds?

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    I meant more personality problems than temperament.

    I think what I'm trying to say hasn't been communicated very well (sorry, I'm quite tired!)

    I would very happily get a puppy from the lost dogs home or a rescue. I am not keen on rescuing a 10month old puppy from a shelter when they have no idea where it came from or how it was treated. It could have a great temperament and be a fantastic dog and still have emotional issues. Roxie only just comes to my dad now when she's called and still gets very timid around him because she was abused. No one told us this, we had to guess and put all the puzzle pieces together to help her out. She's not perfect but we love her.
    I have enough time to love and raise a puppy, and train it. I don't have time like I did when we got Roxie to go through all that emotional baggage. Plus, Roxie has an infinite amount of energy and a puppies stamina would suit her.

    The only thing that puts me off buying from the paper is that these people are irresponsible and I don't want to support them. I'm happy to pay them for the cost of vaccinations etc, but I don't like the idea of them turning a profit because they weren't smart enough to desex and the dog got knocked up.
    On the other hand, these puppies don't deserve to be punished because of what their owners did. I know I can give one an excellent home.

    As for the whole cross vs purebred thing, I don't think we will ever agree. People are either for purebred, or for mixed. My experience is mine, yours is yours, and our differences make the world go round.

    P.S Hamish is ADORABLE!

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    You are quite entitled to your opinions, I was just curious as to why you preferred a x

    nvm - saw your edit.

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    Just remember to think about what State you are in and the BSL laws - right now there is no way i would get any unpapered bully breed, too much of a risk of them being mistaken for a restricted breed

    I am not a cross breed fan, i like my pures, work out what you want in a dog, list everything you want, and go from there

    And just for the record, my papered dogs and cat have never had any health issues, they have only been to the vet for normal stuff, tummy bugs, cut leg, eaten something they should not have done, nothing else
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    IMHO DONT GET A STAFFY X ANYTHING!!!! Especially if you want a low maintenance dog!!! You need to research which dog suits you best.......I can almost 100% guarantee that a staffy isnt for you. Their coats are low maintenance but thats the only thing about them that is!

    Just my opinion though.............I wont be getting another staffy until Baileys issues are sorted too much work otherwise.

    Pet Rescue has a million pups on at the moment!!! some are that young they arent ready to leave yet

    Also I disagree that people are either for pures or crosses. I have a cross breed and I love her to bits my next dog will be pure and coming from a reputable registered breeder. Mischiefmaka Kennels in fact

    Please dont support BYBing. Help out a pup from a pound/rescue org.

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    Go to your local shelter and make up your mind there. Don't restrict yourself to a certain breed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    Staffy anything = high energy, loves chewing, will dig beautiful holes in your backyard, needs ENORMOUS amounts of socialisation with other dogs, comes with a risk of genetic disorders L2-HGA and HC (which a BYB will NOT test for), they stick to you like velcro, they hate being without their humans (even if there are other dogs there). They do not work as guard dogs, Pure SBT's have low maintenance coats...SBT crosses will probably not!
    Perfectly describes my step Mums Staffy, Emma.

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    ummm i have 2 pure bred SBT's...

    Zeppelin..... never at the vet alot other than vacs, 6 monthly check ups etc & vet visit when he was beaten on rear leg with a shovel by the bastards that broke into our house, minor skin allergy to some branded washing powder' on going health issues, he died at age 13 from cancer.. RIP my dear sweet boy

    Floyd.... never at the vet alot other than vacs, 6 monthly check ups etc or for toe nail injuries.... no on going heath issues other than arthritis which is normal at he's current age & arthritis is under control thanks to Sasha's blend.

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    Do you realise that with the "lots" of issues Roxy has, it is very possible (if not probable) that those issues can become the issues of the next dog?

    Personally, I would seriously consider waiting to get another dog until you iron out all of the issues you are currently having with Roxy. Another dog, with another set of issues, or those brought about and learnt from Roxy possibly, is just not the best way to go about things IMO.

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    Sorry - a little offtopic here - but Belle, Pugs eyes fall out!!! What the?? Cough... wives tale... Pugs eyes don't fall out.

    Back on topic - Hi Juce. There are quite alot of young crossbred pups in pounds and rescues. Some of these will actually have quite a bit known of their background. And some are just fairly straightforward pups with little or no baggage.

    I had a foster pup recently like this, he was shy to start off but didn't have any issues and found a new home fast. He's just an easy going happy dog.

    Just keep looking around. Some pups advertised through rescue sites or even occasionally through papers or other websites are not necessarily commercially bred. Accidental litters can and DO happen, between dogs of the same breed and those of different ones (love knows no boundaries sometimes!). They do turn up. You just need to be careful. What you're looking for in a seller is absolute genuine-ness. Don't get fed a puppy farmers BS - and bear in mind that they are good at feeding people BS, VERY good at it.

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    Hi Juce

    My brother's older deaf dog, taught his staffy pup a fair few of her manners. Because my brother's dog was nearly deaf when the puppy arrived, puppy never learned to bark at strangers coming into the yard. Puppy learned a bunch of other things from the older dog like coming back when she's called.

    If the older dog has problems you don't want the puppy to learn, then you will need to keep them separate, or wait until you have the older dog's problems sorted.

    Puppies are always more work for about the first two years than adult dogs. When you went to get Roxie, did you take all your family members with you? Did you see her with or near other dogs? There's basic ways of checking for what kind of problems a dog might have and whether you can live with them.

    There were two ten week old puppy siblings when I went to AWL to check out a different dog that turned out to be a male when I wanted a female dog. One only wanted to go back to it's kennel and pretty much ignored me. The other was willing to play with me and interested in the space we were in and playing with toys, and was regarded as having more "personality" than her sister. So I took home the friendly dog and she's been rewarding me with friendly ever since.

    She's a bit shy of men, not because she was abused, but because they look and smell wrong and she's not used to them around my house. Fairly sure she was never abused by horses or cats or beach umbrellas, but she says they're wrong too. I think a fair bit of the fear reaction is innate. Dogs like familiar things.

    This site has a good breed match quiz on it. Let us know what it picks for you and what it doesn't and why.
    Matchup: Your dream dog | Dog Time

    And this site has some good advice about how to pick a rescue dog or puppy.

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