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Thread: So Thankful for Pet Insurance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tkay View Post
    I know we covered pet insurance in a previous thread but I hadn't heard of
    Bowwow insurance before so I thought I would check it out. It is actually issued by Hollard Insurance like most of the pet insurances out there. There did appear to be a glaring omission in the product disclosure statement though; there was no mention of third party liability at all.

    Other potential problems are:

    No cover for any condition that you can vaccinate against. Now, I know it is still possible for some dogs to get Parvo even if they have been vaccinated against it. It can be very expensive to treat and you would not be covered.

    Also, as is common with alot of the pet insurances out there, there is not a life time condition cover. If your pet is diagnosed with a chronic condition you will only be covered to the policy/condition limit then that condition would be excluded. Any ongoing treatment, for that condition, in subsequent years would not be covered.

    No cover for any complimentary medicine, acupuncture, chiropractor, physiotherapy etc.

    I have to say, after doing many hours of research on this, I still think Pet Plan, although not the cheapest, do offer the best cover. All of the above is covered by Pet Plan and, although they weren't exactly speedy, I did have no problems getting nearly $3000 off them to cover Holly's investigations, treatments and they paid out when she died

    Sorry, Macca, I don't mean to poo poo your pet insurance and for most 'normal' illnesses/accidents it will be fine. I just wanted people to do their research on what is and isn't covered with these policies.

    Hope Roxy is ok

    Hi Tkay, I don't think parvo is infectious to a adult dog that has had its series of vaccinations and a booster 12 mths later. After countless research and an experience with parvo that none of my adult dogs caught although they have not been vaccinated in 4 years shows me that there is no need whatsoever to vaccinate a dog every 12 months and in fact it is dangerous to do so.

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    All the very best wishes for Roxy; may she make a speedy recovery. Hugs to her.

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    I know of a case right now where vaccinated dogs have parvo and are very ill with it and some puppies were lost.

    I like to get my dogs vaccinated every year for the first 7 to 8 years of their life before I get lax.

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    Although it is not common for adult dogs who have been vaccinated to contract parvovirus, it does still happen from time to time I'm afraid.
    Vet's I have known like to think that it offers them a "little more protection" to fight the virus and keep their life, but who knows...

    I agree TKay, there are quite a few things in polciies that really need to be looked at, rather than a nasty shock at the time cause one didn't read the fine print or the insurance policy booklet all the way through.

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    I would say talk to all your friends and family who have pets and compare insurance providers - cheapest may not necessarily be best! Especially if certain things are excluded or not covered and if you don't do your research it can come back to bit you on the bum! In general though, insurance is such a good idea for peace of mine : )
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    Do you have permission from admin to have that link in your sig?

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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