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Thread: Is My Staffy Broken??? LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreysAreGreat View Post
    Well it's obvious isn't it? Girls talk more than boys...Dexta is a boy! LMAO!!!
    So true

    I heard a Staffy talk at Paws In The Park. I wondered for a second what it was until suddenly I turned around and it was a Staffy.

    So gorgeous.

    Isn't it better to have a quiet dog?

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    Gemma is not a SBT but she still talks, grunts, woo woo's.

    You can rev her up to make quite a good racket, if she doesn't get what she wants or wants to annoy you in the hope that you cave in and feed her is when it normally starts. This is often accompanied by nose nudging in the groin, particularly to guests who thought it would be good to give her something from their plate and then decided they wouldn't do it any more.

    She's a vocal dog all round and basically makes up for the other 5's quiet behaviour.

    Although Whippets playing do sound like they are killing each other.

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