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Thread: UTI Antibiotics Didn't Work :-(

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    Poor Roxy!

    I hope she is okay over the weekend, all the best for her op on Monday.

    Will tune in for updates post op!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    Poor baby! I hope she gets through the weekend ok and isn't too uncomfortable.
    Thanks Nattylou, i had to take her back to vet 1st thing this morning for some pain relief. I was up with her half the night trying to make her comfortable with a heat pack on her belly and just stroking her head-she was moaning in pain at times but she just wasnt sleeping because of the pain. I was like a zombie today!
    She is on high doses of valium till monday to make her comfortable. All the other pain meds would interact with her surgery so it was a bit of a tricky one for them. I tell you what this is the longest weekend ever! Hurry up Monday!!

    Her belly is swollen and and she stands trying to pee for at least 3 min at a time, and she does that roughly every 5-10 min. Her legs shake from her squating for so long-poor baby girl!

    You have no idea how much i wish it was me going through it!

    Will keep you posted on her op and recovery. Thanks for the well wishes guys!
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