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    Hi guys,

    A little new here, Im from the big WA state. My family has had its share of dog experiences, mostly mutts if you so wish. We had a brilliant little dog, that we believe was a springer cross lab. though we only knew the springer was the mother.

    weve had a lab back in the 70s, and a border in the 80s. Were in australia now, and my mom has been wanting a dog. Of course I have a love for berners, and have been trying to convince the other family members that a berner will be bags of fun. Though my mother wants a flat-coated, or Labrador.

    My mother seems to have this false impression that a berner is about the same size as a Great Pyrenees (which I saw a 9 months old dwarf an alastian, and fell in love with it; when i was 12 though). We live in a BRILLIANT area to take these kinds of dogs for walks, theres a huge estuary, lots of walk paths, 10 minutes to the beach...

    My mom has bad allergies to dogs moulting too, a golden retriver, or lab moulting is fine...

    ideas? oh is a corgi a good idea? they look like they could be easy to train.

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    Well, get a mutt, and all satisfied there haha

    What can I say, all very different breeds, if you asked me I'd say stright out - Bernese (Pyrinese even better), as I absolutly love big hairy beasts. Bernese is not as big as Pyrenees, but is quite large. And sheds a lot! So if your mum is alergic, perhaps she should try being near one befor you get one just to try and see.

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    pyrenese would be out of the question...

    - Bernese
    - Golden
    - Flat-Coated
    - lab

    I would put alastian, but for some reason my mother believes they can be violent and its in there nature.

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