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Thread: I Reported a Pet Shop Today

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    Default I Reported a Pet Shop Today

    I went for a walk with the kids and didn't have the furbabes with me, so decided to allow them to have a look inside the pet shop as we walked past it.
    We went in and their kittens were in such shocking condition
    In one box/cage thingy, there was a litter of kittens that were filthy and had dags hanging off their bums. A customer mentioned it to the staff member and she said.. oh they need a bath no sh!t lady and by the looks they've "needed a bath" for days.

    Then I looked to my left at another cage thingy and there was a litter of ragdoll kittens and one looked dead and had fleas crawling all over it's face
    I have never seen so many fleas in my life.. they were jumping all over the cage and it was as if they were selling fleas and a litter of kittens managed to sneak in it was that full on.
    I said to the staff person, these kittens are infested with fleas.. and she said, oh they've just been treated.
    Well screw me, they needed vet care, not a flea treatment and to be shoved back in a shop box. One was so ill I wasn't sure if it was alive.

    I said loudly for all of the customers to hear (it was very busy) that their conditions were disgusting and they should be ashamed of themselves.
    Then I got my kids out of there because they were so worried about the kitten that one of them was nearly in tears.

    As soon as I got home I phoned the RSPCA and reported them I was fuming.

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    Good on you Pugger. Sounds like they were in a heck of a state.

    Only hope something is done about it though...

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    good stuff!!!! Thank you for reporting it

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    Now that is disgusting...

    You've done the right thing Pugger...  14

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    Good on you pugger! Some pet shops only care about profit not pets!

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    Well they make loads of money I am sure.. selling lab kelpie mixes for $650
    they sell reptiles, frogs spiders, rabbits, etc etc and they were so busy tonight with at least 20 customers there when I told them off.

    I was quoted a reference number from the RSPCA so I can check up with the outcome in a couple days. I hope they get to the kittens in time because i doubt they will make it through the night. They would have been around 5 weeks old

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    Will pray that the kittens are okay and the RSPCA act very quickly!

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    Good on you Pugger

    I hope the kittens are ok!
    Only a twinkle in his daddys eye ♥♡
    (IM)patiently waiting for my long awaited newfie pup ♥♡

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    Well done Pugger, keep on at the RSPCA, if the pet shop is in a shopping centre report them to the centre management too.

    Hope the poor kitties are seen in time...

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    You've done the right thing Pugger.
    I hope they are okay!!

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