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Thread: I Reported a Pet Shop Today

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    Well done Pugger. Hope the kittens are safe now.

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    Good for you Puggerup! What sort of an idiot would remove 5 week old kittens from their mother and chuck them in a pet shop?? And obviously the pet shop knows nothing about young animals to agree to take them at that age, not to mention displaying them in that appalling condition! It's all about the money.
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    Hey Pugger, spoke to contact who suugests the best way to follow this through is to ring the RSPCA call centre every 3 or 4 days asking for an update. They said they do not have access to the information but that the workers in that department were really switched on.

    Also had another rescurer (a local) pop in there today and who will also be reporting findings to RSPCA. One more option would be to ring the local council and speak with a ranger. This way all bases are covered so to speak.

    Cheers Amanda
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    Cheers Amanda,
    I phoned them yesterday and they said to try again Tuesday's because the inspectors hadn't written up a report yet. She did say they had been there though.

    Have you heard from the other rescuer yet? Has she said if they were still in bad condition?

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    I do hope they act on the complaints Pugger.

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