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Thread: I Reported a Pet Shop Today

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    Well done Pug.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Well done Pugga.. you did the right thing.

    I so hope the kitties will be saved & that the rspca acts quickly.

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    that made me feel sick to my stomach to read, the poor kittens

    good on you for doing the right thing.

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    Goon on you Pugger, I'm glad someone had the guts to do something about it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by puggerup View Post
    Well they make loads of money I am sure.. selling lab kelpie mixes for $650
    they sell reptiles, frogs spiders, rabbits, etc etc and they were so busy tonight with at least 20 customers there when I told them off.

    I was quoted a reference number from the RSPCA so I can check up with the outcome in a couple days. I hope they get to the kittens in time because i doubt they will make it through the night. They would have been around 5 weeks old
    Pugger, if you want to pm the reference # to me I will follow up for you with my contact at RSPCA

    MAKES MY BLOOD BOOOOOOOOOIIIIIIIIL when I think of the conditions you describe, I hope the book can be thrown at them!!

    You know (touch wood) I have never had fleas on any of my rescues (nor my own kids), but then the kids don't get past the pound counter (let alone the car) without being treated for fleas. I would say that 4 out of 7 showers per week I share with a fur kid (lol) and vetwork sheesh I wish I had shares in my vets surgery.....and thats at rescue rates! What I am trying to say is there is absolutely no excuse for the shocking conditions you have witnessed. Lucky for them it wasn't my rescue cronies and I who were in there. Between us, we have been banned from numerous pet stores, and I hazzard to guess we haven't witnessed anything as horrid as what you have described.

    I sincerely hope your kids are OK after the ordeal.
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    Good on ya pugger!

    Those poor little kittens

    I don't even go into pet shops, it tears me apart seeing all those animals kept in glass cages...

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    Poor little ones. I hope the RSPCA are able to step in quickly. If you get a chance - even though I know it's tough - drop by the shop again and keep ringing the RSPCA if the situation looks the same.

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    Yep I will.

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    Omg that is absolutely disgusting

    They just don't give a cr*p do they!? Good on you for reporting them AND for voicing your concerns loudly in the shop

    Let us know what happens!

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    How horrible, good on you for reporting these bastards.

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