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Thread: Million Paws Dog Walk Team Vs Individual

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    Default Million Paws Dog Walk Team Vs Individual

    Hi guys,

    I'll be participating in the RSPCA Million Paws Dog Walk and am just wondering whether I should start an individual fundraising page or start a "1 Fit Mutt" team page for other people who want to participate to join. Would anyone here be interested in joining the team for the walk? Totally cool if not, I'm just trying to figure out what kind of page I'm better off building as I'd be more than happy to start a team if people are interested or make an individual page if not. I've had interest from a couple of people I know in person but they're not exactly very 'concrete' on the idea :P


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    If I lived in Perth I would do a "1 Fit Mutt" walk for sure.

    I do the Million Paws Walk most years (didn't go last year) and will be attending this year and you can never have too many doggy social events, even if you didn't make it a fundraiser you could do it to raise awareness about doggy obesity or something similar

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    Oh Crested, I wasn't actually talking about starting my own fundraiser, but about what kind of fundraising I should do for the million paws walk (it lets me create either an individual fund raising page for the walk or a 'team' page). But I definitely like an idea of organizing my own dog walk sometime in the future!

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    Liza, I have started a team with me and my mum here in S.A.

    Just to let you know some people on the forum do not support the RSPCA due to their role in BSL.

    Best of luck mate

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    Oh, thanks for the heads up Judge! I don't support BSL either, but from what I've seen the RSPCA seems to do a lot of great things for animals, too.

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    Either way, group or individual Liza, all the best with it and have a great time on the day.

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    Thanks, DA I ended up making an individual page. This is my first time fundraising for anything so I'll be happy if I even get half of my target xD I've also decided to run a bit of a raffle for all contributors to win some free literature, so hopefully that'll encourage my book-obsesses facebook friends :P
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    I have already donated $20 to 1fitmutt on the RSPCA page !!!

    Your Donation Details

    Amount: $20.00 AUD
    Everyday Hero: 1fitmutt
    Donation Benefiting: RSPCA Western Australia  14

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    Quote Originally Posted by mitte View Post
    I have already donated $20 to 1fitmutt on the RSPCA page !!!
    Thanks so much, Mitte!! My first ever fund-raising donation

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    I would do it but I unfortunately do not live in Perth.

    Anyway... All the best, hope you have fun!

    That was very generous of you mitte!

    Liza, I will ask my mum if I can donate another $20 your way

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