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Thread: Bathtime???

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    I bath my three twice a week. They stay inside most of the time so we have to.

    I use Rudducks shampoo, works really well, purchased from Pet stock.

    Pipi and Teddy are terrified of water, and I have a feeling why.......

    Max loves it!

    Bathed in shower, as I can use the handle thingy and much easier to use than cups of water.
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    How often do you bath your puppy/dog?........ Once a week in summer time & fortnightly in winter.

    What type/brand of shampoo do you use?...... Aloveen medicated dog shampoo

    Do you use conditioner? What type/brand?.... Dont use conditioner as SBT's have very short coat & no need for conditioner as the raw diet gives them essential oils needed for a well nourished healthy shiny coat

    Anything else you do special at bathtime? .....I prefer to shower my dogs, imo more hygienic as they arn't standing in dirty water.. & Floyd loves the massage shower head that my hubby bought & fitted specially for showering my dogs....Floyd is a water baby

    If Floyd has allergy rash & requires medicated bath lotions, then i will bath him/ soak in medicated lotions etc.

    Spoilt boy lurvesssssssss the massages..

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    Well I've had James for nearly 8 weeks now and he's been bathed a grand total of...once. And that was just to get him used to it. ...he hated it.

    He just doesn't smell. Even when he does smell like he's stepped in something, the smell's gone within a couple of hours. Some sort of odour repelling dog I don't plan on making baths a regular habit. If he needs one, he'll get one.

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    How often do you bath your puppy/dog?........about once a week/fort night, it all depends they both have a history of skin issues

    What type/brand of shampoo do you use?...... Aloveen shampoo (bonus as my OH also uses it)

    Do you use conditioner? What type/brand?.... Aloveen, it smells great and leaves Pepsi's coat easy to manage and glossy. I am not too sure about Minty, her coat was not in great shape when we got her, it is betting better.

    Anything else you do special at bathtime? ....Bath time is always fun in our house, lots of praise, Pepsi loves the bath and will get in with you if you leave the door open a little bit, not always a good thing when your having a bath with your OH!
    Minty is great in the bath apart from the fact her first bath in our home was a bit too deep, but she enjoyed the little swim while i let some water out.

    my tip is get a large non slip mat, i got mine from cheap as chips, it is a roll of non slip, i dry it afterwards and roll it up again and if you have one that is not too sure, try toys in the bath or treats. Pepsi used to hate water but we used to give her little bits of cheese in the bath and bath room, now she is obsessed!

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    Ziggy is cattle dog cross so very low maintenance. We only bath her if she is dirty, we use our shampoo. Her coat is shiny so it must be working.

    She doesn't like it, but she usually behaves well enough.

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    How often do you bath your puppy/dog? Once a fortnight and once a month for hair clipping ears and paws.

    What type/brand of shampoo do you use? I make my own shampoo as store bought ones contain alot of harsh chemicals etc

    Do you use conditioner? What type/brand? Yes, for conditioner i put oatmeal thats been through the food processer in a stocking and rinse it over them (great for dry skin and allergies)

    Anything else you do special at bathtime? I bath the dogs in the shower which has a hose attachment but because that doesnt reach to the ground i can take the head off it and attach a rubber hose to that to extend it, i dont like the thought of bathing them in a bath of water for 2 reasons, that are sitting in their filth and also that you cant get all the soap off them,i find rinsing them is best for me. I sit on a plastic step stool so i am comfortable and not bending so much and I wear my swimmers as i get saturated.

    I always make sure i have everything in a basket and in reach before getting in.
    1st thing i do is put there ear solution in that way it doesnt matter if it runs out onto their coat as it is wet and getting wash anyway. I use a wet face washer to clean around their muzzel and eyes (i hear you can get a special face cleanser for dogs i want to try)
    Then just before getting dried i use a damp facewasher to clean out the excess wax out of their ears. They get towel dried then get put out onto the back deck with 2 towels on the ground to roll on just while their feet and legs dry otherwise they go straight out into the yard and into the dirt.
    They get blow dried in winter.
    "No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

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    I bath Frosty about once a month, usually a couple of days before the flea stuff is due to be applied.

    The process consists of getting two or three buckets of warm water out on the lawn, a couple of towels for drying, and some baby shampoo & conditioner 2 in 1 - same as I use.

    And I scoop water over a bit of her at a time, and then shampoo and work along. I usually leave her head alone, even though I'm pretty sure the shampoo won't sting. Unless she's got something gruesome stinky on her head but mostly she aims to get that stuff on her shoulders.

    And I rinse using the scoop.

    I usually have to keep her in place by using a soft webbing slip collar and standing on the lead. Otherwise she runs two laps around the back yard and rolls in dirt between each scoop of water.

    I use a similar technique to wash the sand and salt water off after the beach unless I've come home with her still wet, and then I hose her off with a shower head type trigger connection on the hose. Raindrops or something it's called.

    Previous cattle dog would stand calmly for me to use the bucket technique on him, he liked the warm water. His owner would tie him to a tree and squirt him with the hose if he'd rolled in something really stinky. He wasn't so keen on that even if he did deserve it.

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