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Thread: Idea to Help Bali Dogs - Need Second Opinion

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    Thanks so much for everyone's feedback I think I'll try to organize something through Bali Street Dogs, I'll read up more about them and contact them at lunch today.

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    Lucky you going to Bali! It's my favourite holiday destination - the only place where I can truly relax and recharge.

    I haven't looked at the links sorry, and it's probably one of the above, but there is an organisation over there that are trying to solve the dog problem, they collect them off the street, desex them, then put them back where they were picked up. I understand a lot of tourists do take dog food etc over for them, but there are limits on what can be taken. I would definitely contact them and see what is needed the most, tbh you'd probably find that what you pay for a bag of Advance could end up funding the desex costs for 3 or 4 dogs - much better value for money!

    Yes it's tough to see the dogs, some are very thin, others don't look as bad, but it's amazing how street savvy they are, often hanging out in small packs, they keep to the side of the road, find a comfy spot to sleep at night etc.

    If you any room left in your suitcase, go get some cheap pencils, crayons and paper, the kids over there don't have them as the parents can't afford them. I've done this a few times, and wait to see who I manage to befriend (like the lovely lady who gave me a massage every day lol), and before I leave I give it to them for their kids. They are so appreciative for something that to us is so small.

    Good on you for doing something - *sigh* next time I get to Bali I'll be doing the same.

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    My vet goes over annually to desex the dogs in Bali. PM me if you would like his name and number for a chat - he is very approachable
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    Well, I emailed the Bali Street Dog Fund today about my idea and what I can do to help, just waiting for a reply Thanks for everyone's help. SPRV, I might contact you about his contact details a bit later on if that's ok, depending on how helpful the bali street dog fund is when/if they get back to me.

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    I've been to Bali many times. I strongly suggest you get in touch with the organisations supplied by the others members.

    I also strongly suggest that you not touch any dog in Bali unless you are with a person experienced with the Bali dogs. I'm not saying you would do that, but just in case.

    You will not get any drugs thru customs. You are going well to get hair dye thru.

    Good luck and enjoy your holiday. The people are beautiful but they have a whole different understanding of the dog than we do.

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