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    Hi All

    I'm going to have to go to Sydney for work for a couple of days (and maybe a weekend) in the next month or so and I'm just looking at my options for what to do with Max while I'm away.

    If I go with a boarding/kennel option can anyone recommend a good one in the northern suburbs of Melbourne or tell me what I should be looking for in a reputable place (I have absolutely no idea!)


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    we have used dont fret pet, it is costly but i know my dog will be looked after and we have never had any issues. The other thing is could a friend look after her or call in and feed her and play with her a couple of times a day.

    We did a lot of research on kennels here in Adelaide and most of them i would not put my dog any where near, a lot of kennels cage dogs for long periods and cannot promise one on one care or exercise! so look into it carefully!

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    Hi There - I too am in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne and have to regularly travel to sydney. I havent used them but I have had good reports about Cottage Kennels in Yan Yean. Another I looked at around the Warrandyte area is Lyndon Dog Boarding Kennel. I have spoken to them several times and they seem really nice - they have even offered for me to go and check the place out - you know for real, not just the nice pics on he intranet.

    As a backup plan I would use either of these - I have two little dogs and as long as they are together I think they would be fine. The reason I have stayed away from these so far is that they are pretty inflexible in regards to drop off times. If you are like me you might have to catch a 7.00am flight and the kennels don't generally open their doors until after 8.00.

    A service I have used with some success is Top Dog Minders. Be prepared - the people they use look after the dogs in their own homes and from my experience and that of a friend they spoil the dogs rotten, but I guess thats not a bad thing! The lady I used is in Boxhill and I think the one my friend used was out near the airport area. I found this good as I can drop off on my way to the airport - also you get to check out the minder and their home before you commit. Its a little expensive but no more than a kennel and of all the options I have tried this is the one i feel most comfortable with. The lady in box hill will take up to 4 dogs at one time whereas the other one near the airport I think will only take one maybe two dogs fromt the same home.

    My friend also went to one minder Top Dog Minders suggested and didnt feel comfortable with the sitter - she didnt feel the home was set up for little dogs - too many escape routes and also that the minder didnt seem very responsible - she told them all this, they were going to do a home inspection and found her another minder. Pretty good service in my view.

    Hope this helps, let me know how you get on, I am always looking for good sitters.

    Also where are you and what type/no of dogs do you have - maybe we could help each other out if this is something you do reasonably regulalry

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