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    I am just wondering if anyone knows where i can find information on normal dog sizes. My dog is a chinese crested powder puff. Everywhere i have looked the average weight given for these dogs is 3.5-5.5 kgs and around 30cm tall.

    Well Maggie is now 45cm tall and approaching 10 kilos and i am just wondering if this is nomal within this breed?

    Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

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    Man you should meet my Chiko lol

    He is about 45-50cm and about 12kg. Very whippet in temperment and build though, but I did have him with me at a show and the cresty people said he could be a throwback to the primitive. They used to be bigger with less hair
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    Easiest way is to speak to Crested Love, a member here who shows Chinese Crested dogs.

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    My suggestion would be to email a couple of breeders. Even some from overseas. The standard should give you the size for the CC but remember every breeder has pet quality puppies, this might mean they are bigger or smaller than the standard, heavier boned etc.

    The other thing to consider is whether your CC is overweight. I only say this because just about every pet Whippet I've seen is far to fat.

    If your dog is fit and healthy, of correct weight for it's build etc then I wouldn't worry. But if you are just curious email some breeders and see if you get any responses.

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