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Thread: Man Accused Of Gruesome Torture Of Dog-warning,may Distress Some

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    Angry Man Accused Of Gruesome Torture Of Dog-warning,may Distress Some

    Too many swearwords to say what I want
    What pathetic excuses for members of the human race...the whole 3 of the oxygen theives
    At least the mongrel is sitting in jail.
    EVERETT, Wash. -- Prosecutors said an Arlington man accused of torturing the family dog to death allegedly told his girlfriend he was coming for her next, but his girlfriend says she doesn't want her boyfriend to go to jail, reported KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

    Norman Sandretzky, 41, listened to the accusations from jail while prosecutors in a Snohomish County courtroom Tuesday read the gruesome details of what the man allegedly did to Stephanie Swanson's pit bull Bucky.

    Snohomish County Prosecutor Coleen St. Clair said Sandretzky is accused of beating the dog with a hammer and drilling holes in the animal with a drill.

    Sandretzky's girlfriend, Swanson, said the accusations are true but she doesn't want him in jail.

    She said Sandretzky was on medication for depression following a serious car crash, but after he lost his job, he no longer could afford the medication.

    Swanson said the man accused of killing her dog is not the same man she's been with for 17 years.

    "This is not the man I know. Not the man I love," said Swanson.

    "Are you afraid on him?" asked KIRO 7 reporter Lee Stoll.

    "Drunk, yes. Sober, no," said Swanson.

    Prosecutors said in addition to attacking Swanson's dog, Sandretzky called Swanson and said "she was next."

    Sandretzky's sister, who declined to be identified, said the accusations are false and that her brother only killed the dog after it attacked some chickens.

    "It's a pit bull. It's a mean little dog. So it was not animal cruelty," she said.

    Sandretzky's bail was set at $500,000. He has no criminal history.
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    OMG how bloody disgusting.. i cant type my exact swear words either

    What a dumb f-wit girlfriend.. ohh well she may just find out sooner than later just how cruel & barbaric her BF really is when he does it to her.....

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    "it's a pit bull. It's a mean little dog. So it was not animal cruelty," she said.
    A pit bull is still an animal, yes they are stereotyped as 'aggressive' I dont see how that is an excuse?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoppaChop View Post
    "It's a pit bull. It's a mean little dog. So it was not animal cruelty," she said.
    THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE PUBLIC IS TOLD THAT A BREED IS DANGERIOUS!!! THEY DO NOT SEE ANY ISSUE WITH HOW THEY ARE TREATED I need an emoticon for puking my guts up!!! That is just discusting how can people stand by and think that kind of behavour is acceptable!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    This is the reason why some humans breeding lines should be culled!
    Im with you!!

    Breeding, Showing, Training and general crazy making!!!
    If you seek understanding listen to the music, not the song.

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    likewise Ashaari

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    No words can describe that.

    Not ones that should be said here anyway.

    I don't know if this will go down well but here goes...

    If they had to kill the dog they could have at least had the decency to shoot it. Quick and painless. Not torture the poor dog because he was angry at it.
    If an animal is going to die because of someone stupidity I would at least prefer it to be painless.

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    So glad the courts are taking this so seriously.
    The sister also has a screw loose if she doesn't classify what he did as animal cruelty.

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    Shocking, terrible story. I think both the bloke and the GF should be locked up.

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    makes me sick, how could you still want to be with it

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    Another sicko, unfortunately the world is full of them.

    Till the day I die I'll remember a dog who came in with cigerette butts burnt into his flesh, and as a final "joke" these bastards had rammed a toilet brush up his anus and continued to rip it in and out. He was put out of his misery and all I could see in the end were everyone's tears and vomit. To make matters worse for me it was a GSD.

    Society sucks - big time.

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