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Thread: Poppy's Bedroom

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    Another one who thinks the bedding is pretty funky

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    It looks awesome Amy!! Looks like just the right size too! I can't wait to see it

    That was really quick too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela's Gone Batty View Post
    It looks awesome Amy!! Looks like just the right size too! I can't wait to see it

    That was really quick too!
    Thanks hun! I was tracking it online and saw they tried to deliver it to home on Friday morning but since no one was home they sent it to the local post office! So picked it up Friday arvo! Was very exciting!

    Poppy has had her meals in there and some treats and I put the bed in the bathroom with her last night like you said.

    She didn't wee or poo in the bathroom last night again so thats 2 nights in a row! Woohoo!

    Last night she had a little snooze in there with the door open...she just wondered in herself which was good! She has been lying on the tiles during the day and in the evening though as its been SO hot here!

    Tonight we are going to put the crate in the Bathroom like AF suggested!

    AF - The reason I didn't do that sooner is because I thought Poppy had decided bathroom = okay place to wee or poo! BUT since she hasn't done that the last two nights I will pop the crate and her beds in there tonight! I KNOW she can hold through the night as she holds when in our ensuite overnight and when she stayed at AGB's in her puppy pen!

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    So I put the crate in the bathroom like you suggested AF and have been feeding Poppy in it and giving her treats in it! When I put her to bed tonight she wandered straight into the crate!

    Do I start shutting the door now? How long for each time? I dont think I could just start locking her in overnight but she doesn't go in there much during the evenings as she either lies at our feet, on the tiles or on the couch!

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    Or do I now move the crate to where I want it and THEN start shutting the door increasing the time slowly?

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