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Thread: Poor Tinja - Absolutely Shocking!!

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    Some people in this world should never be allowed to have pets nor to breed themselves!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    hear hear...they should be removed from the gene pool too!!!
    Most definitely!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cate0404 View Post
    That dog is a gorgeous dog that had, quite literally, been bought back from death, and the owners punishment is in no way enough.
    Exactly. If the dog was a child, it would be a completely different punishment
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    So if I've read the article right these people are only banned from owning entire female dogs?

    If that's right I can not for the life of me understand the human race - these people must be sick in the head. But worse than that, so to in my opinion, is the person who set the fine and punishment.

    So an Amstaff can be found wandering the streets of Qld and possibly condemned to death for no other reason that it escaped from home, no trial for the dog, no investigation as to whether the dog is aggressive and yet this person, if I can call them that is given a fine and banned from owning entire females.

    Yes I gather from the pic that the bitch in question has likely whelped several litters, but bloody hell!

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    absolutely bloody disgusting..

    hope Karma is returned 10 fold to the scum bag owners

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    As far as I know guys there is a time limit on most prohibition orders, so a lifetime one for all dogs wouldn't be possible (it should be I know!).

    There is obviously a loophole there for a permanent order for a certain type of animal which is why they made it for unsterilised females only. Her condition was probably linked to being over bred.

    I did like that the owner tired to appeal the sentence and was hit for more costs. That is a very good message.

    I'm very glad she recovered - not many would from that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohemiannic View Post
    Some people in this world should never be allowed to have pets nor to breed themselves!
    Dead right Boh

    What an absolutely stunning girl! So glad someone was alerted to her condition.
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    That is just disgusting..... they deserve a good whack to the head..

    What is wrong with people... doing this to innocent little canines and felines.. just weak, pick on someone their own size or preferably, no one at all..

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    What breed is she? I hope she finds the home she deserves.

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