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Thread: How to Tell when a Dog is Sick?

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    Default How to Tell when a Dog is Sick?

    in the morning lexi is always really active, jumping up and down, raring for her walk, but when it gets to the afternoon she doesn't seem to do as much just lies down, or sits around. is this normal? or should i be worried? Because shes my first dog im not really sure of the signs of illness. btw shes a pomeranian, shih tzu, maltese cross. thanks

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    Sounds like Lexi's just chillin'!

    Next time you go to your vet, ask them to show you some basic stuff, like how to check their gums, hydration, temperature - just basic indicators which can come in very handy.

    Get her to some dog obedience classes too, that way you'll get to chat to other dog owners and compare notes.

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    I check their gums if I think something's wrong. It's a pretty good gauge of their state of health.

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