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Thread: Does Your Dog...?

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    Ira talks a lot. Not when I sing though, but sometimes when I prattle, she mumbles and growls. She does it when she's happy, getting ready for a walk, when we come home from somewhere, when it's feeding time, she lets lifts her head and lets this long growl followed by wooow-wooow-wwwooooooooow. Few times she did it while doing our walks, and people get scared because she's big black mean looking rottweiler.

    The other one mumbles when asking for something (ie. getting up next to me on a couch), when he's waking me up in a morning and if he needs attention sometimes.
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    Lady will bark when people dance. Just 'woof, woof, woof'.
    Its quite irritating actually.
    I played the flute for about 2 years when we got him, and he used to howl when I played. 'Aaa-roooooooooooooo, roo-roo-rooooooo'.
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    Mine seem to become scarce for some reason
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