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Thread: Rescued Lab, Should He Be an Indoors or Outdoors Dog?

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    Hi Kezzdee, Our Mistys Mum is Lab/Retriever, her Dad is Kelpie/Collie, the most beautiful natured dog who loves to be inside with us, she has to have some part of her body either on or against ours, when I'm preparing meals she lays on the floor with her head or paw on one of my feet. When we had our previous girl (Simba, Collie/ Kelpie X) she had full run of the house (as does Misty) but she use to sleep on our bed with us at night, when Misty came on the scene I said no sleeping on the bed, well so much for that, when all is quiet and she is not with us we know where to look, the problem is going to be when we let her in at night (we don't yet because she still can't be trusted with her chewing,) we are going to have to teach her it is our time on the bed, we are going to need luck on that one.LOL. Misty is only14months old yet, she is getting quite good now, seems to know her boundries, has stopped chewing the carpet, walls, furniture and anything else she could get her teeth into.
    Let your boy inside, they really are part of the family and where does the family congregate.

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    He may have been raised as an outside dog, so he may feel more comfortable being there. I adopted my Kelpie at about age 1, and she has always been very uneasy while in the house, plus, being a working dog, it worked out well.
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