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Thread: Online Pet Goods & Services Purchasing Experiences. How Was Yours ?

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    Yes i've had good dealings with buying doggy products online, only ever bought a few items online though.. dog bed from Ebay which arrived within a few days from Vic, a dog car/seat belt harness from Ebay which arrived from Tassie within 2 days & a few collars & keyring from a member here Soverencraft / Top Dog Collars in which they were crafted beautifully & arrived within 1day from Vic, Floyd looks extra gorgeous in he's Top Dog Collars

    I don't have a clue as too how the dealings are online with dog products as i don't trust the online shops to give me the authentic products such as Frontline, Aloveen shampoos etc, BigW sells the dog products that my dogs require & i'm happy to buy from BigW. I don't buy dog medications online either as i don't trust any online shop that sells any medications, I buy my dogs medications at Vet only.

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    I get my martingale collars via ebay from a lady in Canada and they always arrive fast and are really lovely (great value too!) .

    Pet Network is really good. I get show stuff from them. Great service and fast delivey. I just try and avoid their website as I spend too much too fast! So much good stuff!

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    Only problem is with GSD, we tend to keep exchanging emails lol.....JOKe people, that does nothing to slow down anything AND we get a tracking number. I do not feel tracking numbers are any good, can be misleading as she said it was not updated at all and I already had them.

    Any posts made under the name of Di_dee1 one can be used by anyone as I do not give a rats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattylou View Post
    I get my martingale collars via ebay
    All my puppy stuff Ebay purchases have been positive.. Very happy with all my Ebay dealings.  14

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    I think that any sellers who rely heavily on ebay are usually conscious of maintaining their reputation. Which works out well.

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