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    Just rang my shire council. As I thought, because blue mayhem are cough, splutter..working dogs, they do not require registration.
    I have never had a dog go missing but all are now microchipped (today for Pretty) I want to, in worst case scenario have as many irons in the fire to find them as I can especially as Bandit will be in town with my son at times or for holidays in wagga with him when he moves there...if he does..

    Lifetime pet registry for a one off 30 bucks per dog if they are chipped and desexed. An entire male would be 150. After Bandit is done in a couple of months I certainly will be doing that.

    eases the mind.
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    You have lifetime registrations where you live?

    We have to pay every year, but my 2 poodles are desexed and chipped so they are only $12 each
    Entire dogs that are not microchipped are expensive! I'm not looking forward to getting Cyrus done when he turns 6 months!

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    Lucky, I like the NSW system. Its so easy.

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    Lifetime Rego is in NSW only I think!

    That's an awesome price CL!! Yearly rego here is $29 for the first year, $32 for desexed if its done before July 10 and $47 if it's done after....

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    Some shires in QLD have life time rego for desexed dogs, ours does. and it is working many more folk are getting their pet dogs desexed since it came in.

    I think we are going to wind up a bit more like the Netherlands given more time and the right sort of lobbying, they have very few dogs per head of population compared to us land in shelters or pounds.

    Main reason seems to be the attitude of the people of the country plus laws regarding breeding and selling.

    Life time rego for desexing is at least a start

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    With our ANKC breeders recognition ours are $40 each for life. Sometimes I love NSW. Entire dogs in Canberra have a yearly fee as well I think, which is discounted if you're ANKC reg'd but still annual.

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