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Thread: She Just Wont Listen

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    Quote Originally Posted by fezzley View Post
    she is a hard dog to catch so i cant make her do every thing i tell her

    she listens to every command in the house but one step out of the house and she dont care
    Then you should probably get her inside, get her on the lead, and not tell her to do anything out without being on the lead. Thats what I am doing with my new BC. I do not trust his recall well enough to just let him run around the padock, until I do he will be on the lead when we go out. So everything you do with her do it on the lead. If she isnt on the lead, try not telling her to do anything crusial (recall etc) bacause you are just going to reinforce that she doesnt have to listen. Its long and boring and takes up a fair bit of your time but it will be worth it in the end!

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    I'd be looking around for a dog obedience class to take her to, they should be able to get you on the right track.

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