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Thread: Yuk Banjo Smells Like a Butchers!

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    Default Yuk Banjo Smells Like a Butchers!

    How do you raw feeders take the smell!
    I feel like chucking whenever he comes near me lol just from a bone.
    and re my previous post about constant licking- this is exactly half the reason why i dont like it!
    Any way not really a question would like to hear some stories about the stinks of your dogs

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    I don't mind him after a bone, but it's awful having your face licked after sardines for breakfast. Blegh. I actually didn't mind the smell of sardines when we first got him, but I swear, every time he gets them my smell-induced nausea increases. He vomitted yesterday and there was an unchewed tail-end of a sardine in the mix. Charming.

    Not a smell complaint, but he gets a dollop of cottage cheese or yoghurt on his meals which collects on his chin and he then, without fail, procedes to rub his face on the couches. Grubby mutt.

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