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    i was just wondering if anyone could suggest a suitable and safe option for a car. i have two labradors and i would like to buy a station wagon or something similar. i am really concerned with the temperature in the rear of the wagon and also how best to restrain them as it is compulsory now in nsw. if anyone has any reccomendations that would be fantastic.i realise it comes down to personal preference, but i thought maybe you all might know of suitable cars that have rear opening windows or cars where the manufactuacturers have actucally thought about the care and well being of a dog in the design stage of building the car.

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    I dont know of to many cars that have rear opening windows in the cargo area, the only one I can think of is some of those work type utes which have a fibreglass enclosure which attaches to the tray. My cousin has one and I think it is a Toyota, the glass slides across and there is fly mesh for air circulation, he swears by it and the labs that he has love it too.

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    I have always gone vans, had a kombi and hiace, my dogs wernt really ever left for long periods in the van though and they have all had sliding windows in the back pannels anyway for air. Now I have a little 4x4 ute, she goes in the back of that and loves it. Tethered of course. The canopy I have is just canvas.
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    hmm we have an old style kombi , all seats removed and the dogs love it..

    i want to get one of those new kombis though! =)

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    So you are going to buy a car, that suits, your, um, dogs?
    What about what you want?
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