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Thread: Breeders Re-homing.

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    That sounds pretty normal Crested. Our usual shows cost about that much.

    You're opposite to me, I've been hanging out this year for winter to get here! My dogs hate the heat, so do I. Bring on the cold I say!

    But I often see Cresteds carried around wrapped in doonas and then quickly unwrapped and sent into the ring! Like the Italian Greyhounds and Whippets - it seems a bit rude to get that cold breeze right against their little bare bums!

    You've got to be quick to wrap them up again

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    YES! We went to a show last weekend and it was bitterly cold, poor little Cyrus was shivering even with his coat on so I wrapped him up in my fuzzy jumper ringside, quickly pulled it off him, ran in the ring then put it straight back on him when we got out!

    Entry fees and forms are all new to me... I have been handling dogs for other people 16 years but I have never had to enter my own before!

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    Poor Cyrus... But I still love cresteds... even when they're shivering! You should've seen the one that won the group at Canberra Royal!!


    Have a look online for a program from Dogsoft, called Entry Australia. You can download it and it makes printing out entry forms really easy. It stores all your dog details so you only have to change the show name and date and hit print. Then trim it and sign it and it's done!

    I'm hopeless with show entries. Always late. Lucky so many Secretaries are patient and forgiving!

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    The one that won at Canberra Royal (Gr. Ch. Mohawk in the line of Fire) was bred by the same lady who bred Cyrus She has absolutely beautiful dogs!

    I'll have a look for that program, thanks! Will stop me getting cramp in my hand every time I do a batch of entries

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    Thanks Clea!

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    I loooove them. I hate getting sore hands from writing them out! Just don't forget the signature, and many Shoe Secs get cranky if people don't trim them down to norml size.

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