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    If this helps at all , both Am Staffs and Pits share the same DNA, these days it is possible to tell what breed a dog is by DNA samples.
    This DNA test is pretty new and was not available when BSL first came in.
    Staffordshire B T's have different DNA two the other two.

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    [QUOTE=Clutch;82140]I dont know of any working tight bred Colby lines anymore those dogs started the Amstaff and I feel that the line itself is now basically Amstaff. The UKC and AKC show judges have very different standards than the ADBA judges. I would say it would be near impossible to pick an Amstaff from an APBT in the UKC and AKC, whereas the ADBA dogs are easily recognizable and very few have cropped ears.
    Interestingly the dogs that were brought in to strengthen the Amstaff blood in the 70's were all game bred dogs, that in itself is strange to me.
    Although not always the case, the Amstaff is more of a shell, like a Ferrari with a Datsun motor (in no way am I being negative about Amstaffs or Datsuns).[/

    I admit to finding the bolded part of your post a tad odd as well but could they were after 'gameness' to be freshened back into what was now primarily a show dog. And not forgetting the gene pool itself for the young Amstaff breed was rather small , out crossing was needed.

    I had a good chuckle at your analogy of the Datsun motor
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowStaff View Post
    an American Staffy and a Pit Bull???

    I have someone telling me on another forum that they are one o the same and that the AmStaff is just another name so that they can come into Australia?
    This is the best I have ever seen on the subject.
    Encyclopedia of the American Pit Bull Terrier : APBT and Amstaff
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    I have to disagree to this.

    Our breed is supposed to 110% dependable with humans and especially children, but that does not mean they are the same way with other dogs and animals.

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers were bred for pit fighting. They are fast, extremely powerful and can kill in a split second if they need/want to.

    Any owner of an SBT...AmStaff etc should ALWAYS have that in the back of their mind no matter how cuddly wuddly little poochy woochy is at home. That is what makes us responsible dog owners...owning such a powerful breed.

    I went searching on the net and found some info. From 1 january 2009 - 1 September is the list for dog attacks registered and reported to NSW Government. The "Pitt Bull" is not mentioned on the list, so I do not know if they have just put them under "UNKNOWN (mutts)".

    The highest offender is UNKNOWN breed (mutts) at 429 attacks.
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier- 288 attacks.
    Australian Cattle Dog- 158 attacks.
    German Shepherd Dog- 137 attacks.
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier X- 110 attacks.
    American Staffordshire Terrier- 103 attacks.
    Rottweiler- 91 attacks.
    Australian Kelpie- 65 attacks.
    Jack Russell Terrier- 63 attacks.
    Labrador Retriever- 56 attacks.
    Siberian Husky- 51 attacks.
    Australian Cattle Dog X- 48 attacks.
    Boxer- 47 attacks.
    Mastiff X- 42 attacks.
    Border Collie- 41 attacks.
    Bull Mastiff- 28 attacks.
    Alaskan Malamute- 27 attacks.
    Australian Kelpie X- 26 attacks.
    Rottweiler X- 14 attacks.
    Mastiff- 14 attacks.
    Bull Terrier- 12 attacks.
    Bull Terrier X- 12 attacks.
    Maltese- 12 attacks.
    GSD X- 10 attacks.
    Rhodesian Ridgeback- 10 attacks.
    AST X- 9 attacks.
    Great Dane- 9 attacks.

    We can of course put the blame on the owners and fair enough so....but we also need to remember what breed we have decided to have in our life. They are called "The Nanny Dog" when it comes to human children. But where did this saying come from? It came from the SBT being used for Pit fighting and then could switch off and go home and play with the kids in the problems.

    I love my breed...I think they are fabulous, gorgeous and special dogs
    , but I NEVER forget what they are capable of...what they were originally bred for and how powerful they are. I do NOT tolerate food, possesion etc aggression in my house! It is dealt with immediately and swiftly!

    Do I trust I don't trust them 100%...I don't think you can do that with any dog. Am I more cautious because I know their disposition to somewhat "having an issue" with other dogs...hell yes! I NEVER let them off leash in a public area...this is because I do NOT want to put MY dogs in a situation where they will need to protect themselves and it possibly will get very ugly! dogs are funny...they will lick me to death and do their funny antics. They will cuddle up to me and lick my face. They will chat back when I tell them off. They are also dogs...a bull breed...a strong, powerful dog ruled by their ingrown instincts and THAT needs to be all times
    Really great post Clea. ALL dogs can be dangerous and people need to be aware of that. They shouldn't EVER forget that any animal can be dangerous.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    I think it is great you can trust Ralph

    From my point of view though...not "trusting" my dogs 100% keeps me on my toes and stops me from being lulled into a false sense of security, when I well and truly know what they are capable of.

    I think when mine have slowed down a bit and have become adults and matured...that is when you truly know what sort of dog you have. Are they suspicious...don't like other dogs etc.

    I will NEVER take my guard down, because at the end of the day...if I do and something happens...MY dogs will more than likely be the ones paying the ultimate price for it even if they didn't start it...due to them being Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

    Same type of deal with me and Bella, minus the SBT part. I have never trusted any animal 100%, because I know that they CAN be dangerous if they so choose. I trust Bella about 93%, because I know of her issues with little children and other dogs. I know that she CAN bring harm to a person or other animal, so I dont leave her alone with people other than my family. I also wouldnt let her off leash with another dog unless they have both had the correct training, like what we will soon be starting at DT. I dont trust my horses 100%, because I know that there is a chance that they can hurt someone, whther it be accitdentally or not.

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    I trust my dog 100% if necessary I could leave him alone with any child that has respect for animals.... It's the child I wouldnt trust.... why are you so insistant that dog's cannot be trusted.... having said that I wouldnt leave my dog's alone with anyone's child because it's not acceptable... certainly not because I couldnt... I have lived with this dog for 12 years... I can predict his next movement, I know his temperament and he knows mine... trust is not an issue for me... and OH NO he's a stafford.... over the years I've had people bring their young children to Dooee to become use to dogs, Dooee has also done many visits to the school for 'show and tell' including some from the teacher after my son left school...

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