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Thread: Warning! Distressing Footage Involved.

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    Oh Sh!t sorry Clea

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    It is a horrible thing to do to any animal but if it is real i think the only functions that would be present would be those that are automatic and that we do not think about. - say breathing is something we do not think about, heartbeating, hearing, seeing.. all things we do not think about doing and can do in a vegative state.

    I hope that is so as this animal would probably not feel any pain as their wouldnt be much of a nervous system left. All the functions he carries out seem to be an automatic response to stimulation.

    I can understand why that generation would have carried out those experiments (but i dont condone it) as animals werent considered as important as they are now and were talked about as "just a dog". Many people beleived they were not concious (meaning able to have feelings, feel pain or think and dream) and we know full well now that animals can think, they do dream, they can feel pain, can make choices and that they do have feelings which makes us see these things for what they are - cruel and barbaric. Back then there was a lack of education and they probably didnt realise how wrong and horrible it was to do these things

    Personally i think if humans want to see if they can revive a "dead" body part then test it on humans or If humans want to see if we can travel to mars send a human up there not a dog or an ape.

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    change the subject quick..umm...

    gee the pup in your sig is cute

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleasanta View Post
    Yep...its my Eddie

    good score.. gee he's ADORABLE!!! ♥

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    Give him whatever it is he is asking for and one from Aunty Pugger

    *smoochies for puppy Eddie*

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    I remember seeing the internet sight about the kittens that live in jars... it seemed real at the time and people were horrified, it turned out to be a hoax...

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    I think i'd find it very disturbing & prefer not to watch it other wise i'd be temperamental & not fun to be around.

    I hope these things aren't happening this day & age but probably are.

    Hope Karma is real.
    "If you're going through hell, keep going"

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    Im sure a fair few of you would know about Harry Harlow, a psychologist in the 1900s, did experiments on baby Macaques(monkeys). He trialled how isolation effected them.
    There was 'partial' and 'total' forms of isolation. Partial involved the monkey being able to see and hear other monkeys, but never touch them. Total meant absolutely no contact.
    'Total' confinement went up too 2 years, while 'partial' held captive some monkeys for 15 years.
    I know all this cause I had to do a project on him in year 12 Psychology, I was so distressed. I remember reading that a about 7 monkeys died of 'emotional aneorexia' after being released, and all monkeys released emerged incredibly disturbed.

    A little OT, but it related to testing on animals.
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