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Thread: How Much Prep Did You Do?

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    Dora has turned me off small breeds completely
    I don't think Dora's problems have anything to do with her being small. I think it's all to do with conflicting messages she's getting at home - not your fault. Imagine all the same problems in a 30 kg coat shedding golden retriever (with turd and pee volumes sized up to match).

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    I have always wanted a Crested, since I was about 10 years old.

    When I moved into my own house I knew the time was right to finally get one.

    i went onto Dogzonline and looked through the breeders, there were 2 I liked.
    I studied all their dogs and what they had won and finally made my decision.

    I actually got my mum to make the initial call to the breeder because my mum knows quite a few people in the show world.
    It payed off because the breeder used to breed Great Danes, and so did my mum... they ended up chatting for about an hour.

    So I was put on her waiting list for pick Dog and 5 months and a few litters later (she was waiting for a "wow" dog) I have my little angel (devil) Cyrus.

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    hmm, Kaos, none - I knew the breed and knew i wanted a SBT, when i made my mind up to get another dog i just got some puppy food, I already had a spare crate and everything else

    Atlas was MY first dog, I have read up on the breed for years and knew it was only a matter of time, I had 5 weeks between contacting a breeder and getting him, but we already had dogs, so I just got him a crate and food, and had everything else he would need, but it was all packed up to move (i was moving out 4 weeks after I got him)

    ETA: With the breeders, I had known Ats breeder for many years, so he was the first I turned to, he then put me into contact with a SBT breeder who put me into contact with Kaos' breeder, 3 phone calls and i had a dog
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    We didn't prep for Casey AT ALL!

    We went down to Townsville for my boyfriends dads funeral and saw that their dogs had pups. All the pups were gone except for little Casey, and his wife said that we could take her aslong as she was going to a good home.

    We put her in the car the next day and drove home to Cairns!
    Only a twinkle in his daddys eye ♥♡
    (IM)patiently waiting for my long awaited newfie pup ♥♡

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