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People seem to not take responsibility for their dogs. But then again a lot of people don't take responsibility for their skin kids either!
It sure sucks for everyone else.
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Yup! And I voice my disapproval of it loudly in the middle of shopping centres much to some 'mothers' dismay
My response was directly related to this bold part. I presumed since it was clear that is what I was referring to that that would be enough, evidently I was wrong.

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Excuse me...did you actually say what you would have a go at these "mothers" for? No you didn't! You said you would voice your disapproval LOUDLY...that is ALL you said! No background as to why, when etc you would have a go at people!

I am sorry you can not have children Angela! That must have been a very hard thing to have happen at such a young age!

Sure...if someones kid came up and punched me in the stomach...watch out!...But like I said...you didn't elaborate as to why you would have a go at these "mothers".

We all raise our children in different ways...some are better at it than others...just like raising dogs I guess!

I refuse to judge "mothers" when I see an "out of control" child, because there might just be a reason. This child could be ADHD...autistic...have just gone through a marriage break-up and lost a parenting figure in his/her life..............or could just be a little sh!t.
I don't judge "mothers" for an out of control child. I judge them by their own reaction, actions or lack of actions. Same as anybody else. I'm not a person who over-reacts to anything really, but then you wouldn't have known that and in hindsight I should have explained more but at the time I had my phone ringing and I couldn't ignore it to explain something I thought was clear.

Frankly I don't care what the kids problem is. If it is behaving that rudely, the mother should NEVER sit back and laugh about it. IMO that is disgusting and I cannot keep my mouth shut about it, nor will I.

Oh, and my worst comment to date has been "If you won't bring your child back into line, I'll do it for you. Get your little brat away from me NOW." That was about the kid punching me in the stomach. I can tell you now the smile left that womans face and she rushed over to get her child.

Yes what happened was hard, but TBH it was probably for the best. I didn't want kids at the time - I still think I'm too selfish for them. It gets to me when people turn around and say "Do you have kids yourself? Oh you don't? What would you know about it then?" I know that's not what you said but that is the way it feels. It's my problem to deal with, and I do apologise to you for speaking the way I did to you. You didn't need or deserve that at all. I do hope you can accept my apology.

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Ooh, on a good note, I just got back from grocery shopping. In the line-up at checkout before me was a mother with a girl, approx 8 years at a guess. The mother was talking calmly to her daughter about the way she behaved when pushing past an elderly lady. She explained to daughter what damage that could have done, and asked daughter to respect the lady, and please go and apologise for her behaviour. Daughter did apologise to the elderly lady. Mother asked her daughter have you learnt a lesson. Daughter replied yes. Mother gave daughter a hug. I was nearly in tears, and couldn't stop myself from speaking up and praising that mother on her actions. I was sooo proud of her. Once I spoke to her, others in the line voiced their respect for her too. That was one damned good mother IMO.

Ppl are often so inclined to comment in the negative about children's behaviour, but it's even more important to comment positively when you see a parent doing something great and right.
200% Agreed!! An absolutely wonderful parent, and what a boon to society her little girl will be too!

That is truly touching! I would have the same reaction DA, what an absolutely amazing mum!