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Thread: Update on Ralph the Staffy

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    Well we are on a down this morning, few problems over night with the odd blood clot and bit of blood from the tumour, but hubby looked after this as I was so tired I needed to have some sleep and battling a chest infection at the same time. Hubby went to bed around 3.30 this morning and Ralph came into me at 4. Ralph jumped up on the bed with me and started sneezing and then I saw blood and blood clots, so got up and it took a while to get Ralph off the bed and out to the lounge room. The next 3 hours has been a blood bath and have not been able to get Ralph to take the tablet to slow down the bleeding and reduce blood pressure, he wouldn't rest and would shake his head which meant blood and blood clots everywhere! In the last hour he has settled down, I have been able to give him some water, but still no tablets. Blood and blood clots have eased, so now I am scrubbing walls and carpet Will see how he is when he wakes from his rest, but not sure if we will make it through today!
    It is hubbys birthday today also and I really don't want him to remember loosing Ralph on his birthday, but we will have to see, because Ralph is the most important one here!
    Thank you to everyone for your comments and well wishes, and Lynnie, thank you for your beautiful post, I know how hard it is for you to read this type of post when you have had the highs and lows with Mish.
    s to everyone, you are all what have stopped me from going into total downward spiral of depression and given me the strength to carry on!
    Apart from hubby you guys are the only emotional support I have!

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    All our thoughts are with you all today Darling. I'm at home working, so I'll be right here to keep you company any time you want to post.

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    Nic what can I say -- Have fingers and toes and everything else crossed that your beautiful Ralph will keep fighting.

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    My thoughts are with you, my three will think about Ralph all day.

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    Oh poor Ralphy boy. It must be such a stressful time for you all Bo,
    to you and hubby and of course Ralph.
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    Thinking of you

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    What can I say except I am thinking of you and sending as many positive and healing vibes as I can, the gang sends you all licks and wags. Stay strong for the gorgeous Ralphie, he will let you know when it's time, but I so hope it's not for some time yet.

    <<<BIG HUGS>>>

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    Bo, I tend to think...what better day for Ralph to spread his wings and fly high above us?

    Perhaps your husband's birthday will then always be a day to celebrate both their lives, not the loss. To remember Ralph in his glory, not his pain, perhaps?

    Hugs to you Bo, but you know how I think about these things - they never really leave us, do they?

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    awww Nic, Peter & Ralphy thoughts & prayers are with you all today, you have my number if need a friend to talk to.

    Big hugs & kisses from Floyd & me

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    hugs to you guys you have been amazing with ralphy and im sure he appreciates every second you spend helping him

    thinking of you today and most days, i hope you guys know that you have done and will continue to do everything you can for the little guy =)

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