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Thread: Update on Ralph the Staffy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppyx View Post
    oh he deserves it!
    Sammy got an app in 2 days *bites nails* just checking on everything i will let you know x
    I so hope Sammy gets a good result!
    Ralph had a check up yesterday, all okay!
    We have decided though not to keep going for check ups and will now only go to vet for anything unusual as Ralph gets too anxious every time we go!
    Yesterday I gave him valium before we went and he still got pretty worked up, but also vet was running behind time and we had to wait 45 minutes!
    Had a small emergency last night, had just gone to bed and heard hubby talking to Ralph in the kitchen and it didn't sound right, got up and Ralph was having trouble breathing when hubby was doing trache clearance, so I tubed Ralph and he coughed up some blood and blood clots through the trache, he then got up wagged his tail and wanted me to get him some food!
    Blood tumour! You never know when a bleed or blood clots are going to form!
    If Ralph didn't have the trache he would have choked as we would not have been able to clear them!
    So am still very sleep deprived, but Ralph is more important than my sleep!
    Oh and Ralph is happy and smiling this morning!

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    That is so good, onya Ralph

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeiLuver View Post
    That is so good, onya Ralph
    Thanks Bev, he is a little fighter! It seems that he isn't ready to go yet! Have most of the vets dumbfounded, but then again body wise he is in good health, mentally he is still fine, we are seeing some sight problems and it seems to be depth perception with the right eye due to some pressure from the tumour.

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    Very, very good news to star the day off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSDs4Ever View Post
    Very, very good news to star the day off.
    Thanks Lynnie, bloody tumour, thank dog these problems have occured while we are around! Just had to clear another blood clot in the last 1/2 hour and Ralph is wagging his tail again. I'm just glad that neither hubby or myself panic or otherwise we would be hopeless! One of the worse things is there is very little data to go on of dogs with this type of tumour with a tracheostomy. Normally the tracheostomy is very late stage if at all, but Ralph had the tracheostomy early due to force trauma to the epiglotis!

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    aww dear Ralphy boy, it's made my morning in knowing that your still fighting strong & your as happy as always... big hugs & smooches for you

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    I love reading this thread, it puts a smile on my face to know that you are still standing strong

    I find this thread very interesting as it broadens my out look on many things to do with a dogs health etc and is very educational. I have learnt a lot.

    Ralph is just gorgeous and has made my day a whole lot brighter.
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    Ralph you have made my day knowing you are happy.

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    Can I just say .... that when you have a dog that's sick & you know you're on "borrowed time" with them .... like Boh's Ralph .... every morning when you wake up & they're still with you, is a "plus". Once you check that they're breathing, you do what you need to do to get through another day together.

    Both Boh & Ralph are very, very brave to be living like this every day ....

    Boh .... you love that dog so much, you'd give your own life to make his more comfortable if you could.

    Ralph .... you love your "human" so much, you constantly endure physical & somewhat intrusive things you don't understand to make your human happy.

    This is a sacred journey and you both have my utmost respect for the love you clearly have for one another & for your strength to keep me & everyone else reading this thead posted on this forum.

    Much love & support for the days and hopefully .... months & years ahead of you both.

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    Loads of for you and Ralph...Nic!!!

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