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Thread: 7PM Project Talks the 'killer Gene'

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    Some dont like to believe some dogs are born bad or can 'turn on' at maturity, or sudenly 'snap' for no apparant reason *bit like having a brain fart*, the point is its individual dogs within breeds, not breeds as a whole.
    And no breed is immune to genetic misprints being born.
    No different to people 'races'.
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    Dogs can certainly pass on traits, some desirable, some not this is the reason we have sought after stud dogs etc.
    If you want a good bird dog it makes sense to get a pup from a breeding off 2 good bird dogs who are off 2 good dogs who are off 2 good dogs there is a better chance (although not all good dogs are good producers) that the pups will be of good quality.
    That is where BYB fail miserably, aggressive dogs can produce aggressive offspring as can placid dogs because the offspring will generally be an average of the sum of all its ancestors, BYB introducing new blood without a second thought are opening the gene pool to who knows how many bad traits, the dog itself may be fine but it may have been the exception in its line.
    That being said upbringing can turn a good dog bad.

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