lolll I have a mental image of him driving me around now,, thanks guys, ill be laughing to myself all night now! hahaha

So.. basically im an hour late to my aunties for her bday.. but I just had to say... I was taking him for a walk because i couldnt take him to the park (because he wouldnt get in the car). I decided to try one last time, and he got in!!!!! WOOHOO!! I used the step idea.. but as a step, I used my hand haha anyway, he LOVED it in the car, seeing as he has open windows (as opposed to being in the back of a 4wd). He got lots of treats, heaps of praise, a bone, and he got to stay at the park a little longer than usual... getting him in the car on the way home was another struggle, he was so tired he just wanted to lay down haha, ended up getting him in after about 15 minutes with everyone at the park looking... haha

I'm glad he gets out of the car all on his own though... my back is better off for it at least

Its still going to take a fair bit of work, we was quite hesitent, but I think he's done ok... Now off to my aunties for a 36 (slight exaggeration) course dinner yumm