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Thread: *Sigh* Another Pit Bull Attack..

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    Quote Originally Posted by laura77 View Post
    i heard it was her own dog.....makes you wonder what happened to make your own dog want to rip your arm off
    Yeh thats what I was thinking. And the sadest thing is people are now going to use this poor womans pain to help them ban breeds Thats the way it always gpes

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    A neighbour who got interviewed yesterday said it was her son's. Today's report said it was the Grandson. Either way, the man had moved from the property & they are wondering if this has caused the problem.

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    Default Pitbull attack..

    the Pitbull was not hers... it was her grandsons and the lady was only looking after it... sad that it ended like this... I think people with this breed should be more responsible of THEIR OWN DOG as they are its master and when the master is gone it leaves insecurities in this breed or any breed for that matter..

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    The poor grandma How terrifying, I hope she regains full use of her arm and her wounds & heart heals without any issues.

    Also, what a horrible way for the dog to have his life ended. poor little soul.

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    ok well i dont really care whos dog it was.... what i care about it what causes a dog who is living with you to rip your arm off, it doesnt make sense..sure if you jump into a yard with a dog youve never met it might try but i doubt a dog will attack a person it is familiar with with out cause or provocation. and now the dog in question is dead before a cause can be determined. i hope for sake of the people who called for it to be destroyed that it was'nt being belted when it attacked...because then in my opinion it shoud recieve a medal for fighting back

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    We will likely never know the full story. The media is anti dog.

    I've seen dogs shut down when put in different circumstances, I've seen dogs that will accept one stranger but not another.

    I've seen dogs that lose their confidence & become fear aggressive the minute the owner walks out the room and others that gain confidence & and are happier when the owner is not about.

    There is so many variables we shall never know because the media does not care to get the facts straight regarding dogs. It's not just sensationalism they are anti dog.

    I hope the woman recovers and I hope the owner of the dog is never allowed another regardless of the circumstances.

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    It's a wonder Hugh Wirth hasn't jumped on this & got his mug on the telly like he usually does. Hang on a minute ... this just in & it looks like you can "chat" to him at 1 pm if you want to ....

    RSPCA Victoria president Dr Hugh Wirth blogs on the pit bull problem in Victoria | Herald Sun

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    Poor woman,hope she comes through with her arm .
    But like some others,I have to wonder what provoked the attack in the first place.
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    From the news today, they said the dog had been living with this women for three years and had never had a problem. Yesterday it just snapped! Maybe the poor dog was sick or had a tumour that finally made him snap. Anyway, hopefully the women will get better, but would say she will be in hospital for a while.

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    Perhaps the dog was sick, perhaps the woman was ill & didn't know it. Tara was very weird around my dogs' masseuse from the day she met her at 8 weeks of age. She never wanted to get on the table & fought the entire time for the woman not to touch her. And then in May 2008, without warning, the woman had a stroke just after I had left after our appointment. We went back after about a year later and Tara was so happy to see her, she licked her face continually. To this day, Tara just loves to see her whenever she goes & wants to lick her face all the time she's on the table.

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