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Thread: Gsd puppy 17 weeks aggression

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    Everyone here is VERY knowledgable and has given great advice.

    Here is some reading that I did that might help you too!

    Puppy Development Calender - Dogz Online Forums
    The above link talks about puppy development. Very interesting.

    Dog Star Daily
    Great great website with SO SO SO much info! All about training and puppy development and common dog/puppy issues. Very good!!!

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    I've had my Shepherd from 7 weeks of age. First thing I made sure of was that he was socialised as this breed had has a bad rep.
    He's now 3 years and an absolute dream.

    What I would recommend to you would be enrol in a good puppy class, plenty of exercise (can go longer than half an hour, mine did and he is fine!! If we hadnt then he would've gone crazy!) and the last thing try not to focus on the fact that he is a German Shepherd. Problems arent breed specific, they are owner specific. You shape him into what you want him to be.

    I wish you good luck and plenty of patience, he's worth it

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