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Thread: Just Not Safe Anymore

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    Default Just Not Safe Anymore

    My dogs will no longer be allowed to be outside when I am not home
    While at this stage my breeds have not been targeted, i wont risk it

    Missing pets baffle families - Local News - News - General - Central Western Daily

    Missing pets baffle families
    23 Mar, 2010 10:54 AM
    LOCAL dog owners suspect a dognapping gang is responsible for the disappearance of a large amount of dogs from the Orange area over the last six months.

    The gang seems to be primarily targeting purebred dogs including labradors and golden retrievers.

    The Central Western Daily has run eight missing dog advertisements in March alone, double the number reported missing during the same period last year.

    Samantha Webster’s four-year-old son Jacob was devastated by the loss of the family’s two maltese shih tzus, which disappeared on separate occasions over a three-month period.

    Ms Webster described Mac and Meg as gorgeous dogs that looked like purebreeds.

    Mac disappeared from outside the family’s house in November while Meg went missing in January.

    “It seems to be that something very odd is happening for so many dogs to disappear around the same time,” Ms Webster said.

    “The first time it happened I was with Jacob in hospital and when we got home the next day Mac was gone.”

    Ms Webster said she’d do anything to get her dogs back.

    “I can’t understand how a loyal dog could just vanish ... the public needs to be made aware of what’s going on,” she said.

    Ms Webster said there were a number of rumours circulating as to the fate of the missing dogs.

    “I have personally searched all over and found just one lead; apparently a man from Wollongong has been stealing dogs from Wellington, Orange and Bathurst but that’s all I’ve heard,” she said.

    Kathy Thomas still has no idea who took her much-loved golden retrievers Monty and Wentworth, who disappeared from Mayfield Vineyard in mid-February.

    “I never would have imagined that this could have happened to my dogs,” she said.

    “I’m determined to do whatever I have to in order to investigate where these dogs have gone.

    “Obviously a value has been placed on these dogs and I want to find out exactly what’s going on.”

    Police were unavailable for comment.
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    Batty is crated inside the house whenever we're not home. I won't leave him outdoors unsupervised. If I know I'm going to be any longer than 6 hours I barricade off the hallway and keep him in the dining room/kitchen/bathroom area.

    I've always done this though.

    What kind of pathetic, monster of a person steals another persons pets??

    Those poor people

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    It's embarrassing to admit, but my boyfriends cousin use to steal dogs around the neighbourhood, wait for the "Lost dog, Reward given" signs, then would give the dog back and collect the reward.

    Maybe that's what's happening here?
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    no, none of the dogs have been returned, 2 were found walking down the street, but none have been returned.

    One lot of owners have a $2000 reward out on their 2 dogs and they have heard nothing

    I hate leaving mine inside, i have to crate them and i do not think it is far at all, but at least they are inside and safe
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    OMG how sad that some scumbag is dog stealing..

    I hope the families dogs are returned safe & sound.

    I have always locked my dogs inside the house when ever we go out etc, you just never know what nasty scumbag will do to our pets, bait them, hurt them & steal them.

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    Well i sure as hell hope the authorities work on it until they craxck what is going on TB. This is horrendous. I encountered something similar once in Qld, but it wasn't a good ending and I won't print it here.

    I so hope these dogs are reunited with their owners. This is disgustingly low.

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    Mine are crated inside...too many Staffies are stolen in Newcastle area
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    Low life scum.

    It has actually gone on for years, but if you hear of it in your area you have to be doubly safe.

    I fear they play a horrible role.

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    There was heaps of it going on ages ago, but it was bull breeds, this was before i got Kaos. Many SBTs were found dumped, dead or almost dead on vets doorsteps, nothing ever came of it

    I hate that i work **** hours, i can be away for 12 hours at a time, might have to hire my own services and get mum and dad (who work for me in my pet sitting) to come and let them out a few times a day
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    That's horrible

    The neighborhood I live in is not the best. I have some wonderful, friendly neighbors, but then there are the dropkick bogans in their housing commission places. I wouldn't put it past them to steal dogs and either breed them and sell the puppies, or just abuse the dog.

    We have had our shed broken into a few time by our next door neighbors nothing missing, but beer cans and used condoms strewn about the place... disgusting. (we knew it was them because the fence between our 2 houses was damaged where they climbed over )

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