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Thread: Furious at SIL

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    Default Furious at SIL

    My SIL phoned me up from a pet shop over a year ago, wanted to buy some boxer X pup and I told her to hold off and come over for a cuppa before deciding.
    I then taught her about puppy mills etc and why puppy shops are bad to buy from, and why cross breeds are bad to buy (unless you are getting a rescue of course) and finally I helped her decide on a breed (after hours and hours) and then before Christmas that year, I managed to find her a beautiful pure bred Golden retriever pup from a reputable breeder.

    He's doing great and grown into a stunning playful, intelligent boy who is adored by SIL and my niece.. here is where it goes to crap though...

    Yesterday she was over for dinner and I asked how Bazzel is and she mentioned having to pay extra for his registration because he isn't desexxed. I asked her why he is still intact. She said she wants to stud him out, and I said that she will need a breeder prefix and register as a breeder if she gets her own bitch, or if she is just having him as a stud she needs to contact other reputable Golden retriever breeders, to make sure the bloodlines are the right match etc
    She said, when it comes time to breeding she will let me know so I can help her with it all.

    So an hour or so later she is showing me photos on her phone of her neighbors PB bitch and she says.. this is Bazzels girlfirend I was like.. what do you mean girlfriend? Is she speyed?
    She then gave me this really guilty look and said.. I know both dogs well and they will make such cute puppies

    Do people ever learn????

    I told her that no-one goes looking for Golden retriever X pitbull pups and if they sell, the buyers won't know the temperament because the two breeds are so different, they will not know the size of the dog, the coat texture the look of the dog or anything and this is why so many cross breeds in up in the pound!!!!

    All the respect I had for this woman has just gone out the window.. what an imbecile seriously

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    Wait, so the bitch is pregnant already?

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    Might be an idea to alert her to the BSL, how would she feel if the pups ended up seized because they were PB crosses?....tho maybe she wouldn't care.

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    The bitch was already seized for attacking a smaller dog they only just got her back, which is why she was showing me the photo's.. the dog was smooching up to the owner and the pics were adorable.. but yeh she then said she is Bazzels girlfriend and said she intends for them to have pups.. I don't know if she is pregnant or not.

    Apparently, the only reason why the neighbor got her back (after lots of fines etc) is because she said she is am Amstaff.. she wasn't registered when she was taken by the ranger, and when my SIL phoned me in tears asking what do to (I think there is a thread about the incident here actually) the first thing I told her was to say she is an Amstaff not a PB.

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    I was extremely furious/saddened to see so many mixed breeds that were abandoned at the pound while i was searching for my lost dog (Now found) Due to either people not desexing their pets leading to accidental pregnancy or just not caring & trying to cash in by selling something that its not,leading to the new owner discarding the animal after its features have started to develop.

    I dont have any issues with mixed breeds as all animals deserve a loving home.
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    People like that make me so angry!!!!!!!

    At least you tried to educate her puggerup, but sounds like it went in one ear and out the other, there's just no teaching some people!

    I think you should ask her out for a coffee one day and go pick her up.
    When she gets in the car, lock the doors and drive her to the nearest shelter.
    Seeing all the poor homeless dogs on death row might give her the kick in the pants she needs to get her darn dog FIXED!

    I feel sorry for the puppies mostly, if the mother is aggressive that can be passed onto the puppies (yes, aggression can be passed on) and that will just lead to the pups being seized and put to sleep when they get older and show aggression, or god forbid, bite someone.

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    Please feel free to give her my number pugger. But be warned, I do not suffer fools lightly......However, my very best comeback for idiots wanting to breed their male dogs "because they are such lovely dogs and I want to see them father a litter" is.......drum roll.........well thats entirely up to you, but you are aware that you are increasing the risk of testical cancer in your boy enormously aren't you? (bat my innocent eyes at this point) To which they are generally dumbfounded! I then go on to tell them that if they don't believe me to ask their vet! Any vet worth their weight will back me up on desexing an entire male (excluding those owned by reg breeders & show persons). I have won a few battles this way.

    SH*TS ME TO TEARS!!!!! That I am one of the DUMB bunnies who spend an arm and a leg of money, not to mention the spent emotional turmoil suffered cleaning up the mess of these fools as they stand there stating how lovely their dog is and how WONDERFUL it would be to see them sire/mother a litter.

    OK, back in my box now!!
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    *meh* reason a million why I love you Shar

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    I sent her this

    I was actually thinking about you today and the situation with your neighbours PittBull. I am really concerned that for one she has a dog which is under the BSL who is not spayed and for another, that she is in contact with a potentially great Golden Stud. Not only can Baz get her pregnant, he will also go roaming off to find sex if he isn't contained. She is more of a problem because she has already shown signs of aggression and her maternal instinct hasn't kicked in yet, which is bound to make her more aggressive. She is a disaster waiting to happen. You really need to encourage your neighbour to have her spayed. Perhaps join Dogz Online - The Pure Breed Dogs of Australia and read some of their threads on back yard breeding and pitbulls and if your neighbour has net access get her to read up also.
    If you breed with her pups you will be breeding an illegal breed under the BSL even if she is registered as an AMstaff, you both know what she really is and it's totally unethical and irresponsible.
    If you take a walk through your local pound you will see dozens of cross breeds and pitbulls on death row. It's heartbreaking.. the pups Baz and your neighbours dog produce will be adding to those statistics. This is a serious issue.. please don't fob it off ok?

    her reply

    We can talk about that another time. I really want to get him a golden retriever girlfriend to breed with but am in no financial or timewise position to do so at this point in time. Stop tripping we are not going to x breed them it is just really cute to c them together. also basil is an indoor dog and is not outside for long periods time. wow u really typed almost an essay on dogs when really i just wanted to c if u were going ok. anyway im off to bed so will spk to u soon. xxx
    waste of time

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