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Thread: Picked Up My New Best Friend Today

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    Hullo and welcome to Jazz and Banjo. Gorgeous little dog. As Greys said re desexing. All the dogs I've had have gradually shrunk away to nothing - their nuts that is, not the dogs.

    You may need to get an Elizabethan collar to put around his neck if he won't stop licking. Natural thing for a dog to do to try to heal a wound, but not good for the wound in this case.

    We need a better photo and weight and height to make any guesses as to mix. If he has Pappillon, you are in for a treat. They are such great little dogs.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I can't see Banjo's pic
    Only a twinkle in his daddys eye ♥♡
    (IM)patiently waiting for my long awaited newfie pup ♥♡

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    & good on you for adopting a homeless pooch!

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    Hi guys,
    I took him back to the rspca today to get checked.
    Got some cream and as he started coughing some antibiotics just as a precaustion from kennel cough.
    He is going so well I never thought an ex pound dog could be so loving and perfect :-D no accidents inside, he fetches and even brings his ball back sometimes he is half cat im sure, the way he snuggles and walks along the top of the couch
    Thanks for all the welcomes! makes me feel very comfortable to ask any questions I am unsure of.
    They wernt too conciered by the licking of his stiches- they just said its just becuase he is getting itchy- just to try and stop him- but its not a huge deal.
    Now i can relax and try to enjoy him more :-D I cant help the stress though! not sur i would make the best mother to a real life baby though haha. Way to worrisome.
    He is so sweet, he follows me everywhere! even to the toilet lol.
    still need some reccomendations on training in adelaide if anyone has any and also a vet.
    Jazz & Banjo

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    Hi & welcome to the forum.

    My pooch was desexed a few days ago too and I occassionally catch him licking at the wound site. The vet nurse told me that as long as he doesn't start chewing at the stitches then it's ok.

    So glad to hear that everything is going well so far. Off to check out the profile pic

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