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Thread: Rottweilers Are Stupid

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    Not bloody likely

    Id like to think of myself as a pretty open-minded person but for some reason i thought Rottys were big dumb boofhead dogs (with big dumb boofhead owners?)...and now i own one lol.
    Well i actually bought him for my son (hes 3) and their just best mates. Its good just to stand back and watch them 2 in their own little world.
    Anyways im just writing this cos i was sitting and thinking how much i love our rott "Beasty Boy", he's not quiet 1 year old yet so there is still alot of learning and growing to come but hes turning out a real good dog. As for my misconception in regards to a Rotts intelligence, i couldnt have been more wrong! Beast learnt to sit, stay and shake hands in probably no more then a minute. Im a keen teacher and he's a keen learner so its a good match.
    Also he is a very resillient dog, i can scold him for doing something wrong and he corrects himself without going to peices. He is alert around the yard, affectionate and good company. He is also very handsome, with a big angular head, big front paws and a big bright white toothy grin.

    Im not sure where or why i had this bad image of the Rottweiler but im glad i know different now. Id recommend him to a firm and fair owner who likes to get the best out of their dog. cheers

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    I'm glad big boofhead proved you wrong. They are one of may fav breeds, an faaar far from stupid. They're affectionate, gentle and a bit clumsy dogs. Just be carefull with the kid as rotties can be somewhat dangerous when showing affection, although they are really great babysitters. I had my face scratched, my eye full of dirt, my husband nearly lost his manhood, and we both had countless bruises just because our girl was really happy and affectionate I call her a tenk

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    insactly, rottweilers are fantastic dogs. mine is 8mths old now and shes 35kg. its fun getting down and playing with her although she doesn't know her strength and it can sometimes hurt.

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