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Thread: Socialising Miss Bella

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    I always say to people about the dog park, your doomed if you do and your doomed if you don't. In other words its where you go to socialise your dog but one bad experience could set your dog back.

    We go very rarely to the dog park these days. Simple, I've got lots of dogs and I've got lots of room. But we used to go a lot and I would pick when I would take them in and often I would leave within only 5 minutes of arriving. Sometimes we didn't even get out of the car.

    The dynamics of the group of dogs in a leash free park can change very rapidly with the addition of just one dog.

    An experience at the dog park can make or break a dog. I particularly like
    obedience clubs where the dogs all mingle on leads. So if your dog isn't an in your face type then they can be accommodated.

    Not all dogs will like all other dogs, it's a fact of life. I am happy if my dog tolerates other dogs, I see nothing wrong if they don't appreciate the dog that jumps all over them. But I understand that those types of dogs are out there and it's up to me to remove my more sedate dogs from that situation.

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    I love the idea of Doggy Playgroup! I wish they had that where I am! Maybe I should look into it...or start my own...Hey AGB...want to start doggy playgroup with me!

    I guess maybe its normal for Bella to be wary of larger dogs? Poppy LOVES all the puppies at Puppy Pre-School, even the bigger Lab and Husky. She also LOVES Batty who is probably the biggest dog she gets on with. Yesterday at the vet there was a Boxer who was adorable. You could tell they both wanted to have a niff of anoe another and a play but Poppy was very undecided about it all and I think it was the size of the other dog.

    All the talk of bad experiences at dog parks has made me quite wary about going any old time...might have to suss the one close to me out first.

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