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Thread: Docking and Cropping??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela's Gone Batty View Post
    Does running out the door after vomiting all over his carpet, calling out don't bother calling again count??

    I did write a letter and pop it in his mailbox telling him to pay more attention to his personal hygiene though...
    You poor thing hahaha Ithink I'd be puking for weeks haha
    Respect and you shall be respected. Animal is always right.

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    I have two boys who are not circumsized (not done in Denmark). They have been taught from a VERY early age how to clean their "doodle" and why it is important. When we arrived here...I told them now it was even more important because of the heat and humidity here in Australia. None of my boys have ever had an infection in the foreskin due to being "dirty" is all in the education!

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    I agree - education. My youngest pops it in and out so much in the bath I reckon he's got the cleanest penis in Oz.

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